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Technical Tuesday – Episode #37

May 24th, 2011

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone! Oh yes, Tech Tuesdays are always something to smile about because it’s not only our loyal patrons that benefit from the updates that we bring but even more so those wine enthusiasts who are just starting their journey towards creating their dream wine cellars. We’re nearly capping off the sunny month of May, so we bring you a wine cellar that’s anything but drab and dreary, thanks to the winning combination of our Designer Kit Series and Premium Redwood.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 211125
Wood: Premium Redwood,  (Designer Series)
Maximum Capacity: 546 bottles

Premium Redwood Wine Racks

In our article Why It’s Better With Designer, you guys have read about how we sang praises to this impressive wine cellar kit that offers quality, elegance, and affordability all in one easy package. This Tech Tuesday, we reiterate those fine points as we bring you the very best of the Designer Kit Series, starting off with the multiple storage options the versatile wine racks can provide.

Curved Corner and Bulk Storage RackingThe client made the best out of this kit’s best features: individual wine bottle storage in full depth racking, curved corner racking, and bulk storage.  The 3 and 5 Column Individual with Display. Full depth wine racks in this series are 13 1/2″ deep which can accommodate standard-sized wine bottles with ease as you can see from the image. Working together with the curved corner racks, the Column Individuals present an effortless, seamless look that really reeks of class with a capital “C.”

All heart redwood

Ahhh…the beauty of Premium Redwood! Now for a little 411 on the client’s wood choice. Premium Redwood is taken from the outermost portion of the tree’s bark as differentiated from All-Heart Redwood which occupies the centermost part. Premium Redwood comes in an assortment of colors ranging from understated white, muted pink, to a more solid reddish-brown hue. Unstained, it is naturally attractive, as you can witness from the client’s wine rack choices but WCI also offers a bevy of stain and custom finish options to further enhance and play around with the natural beauty of the wood.

Versatile Designer Series Wine RacksHere, we can see just how versatile the wine storage options can be with the Designer Kit Series, from individual bottle racking to bulk storage with Solid Diamond Cube bins. And speaking of individual bottle storage, notice that each bottle can be cradled on two rails cut with beveled ends and rounded edges. The result? Your wine bottles are carefully and lovingly secured and wine bottle tags and labels are actually kept intact!

Take a closer look at the Solid Diamond Cube bins. The decorative face trim gives the cubes a more polished appearance, exhibiting excellent craftsmanship.

Designer Kit Series

Now as a food for thought, do take note that with our Designer Kit Series you can also get vertical wine display, quarter round shelf, and waterfall wine racks which can really customize a wine cellar from top to bottom. Moreover, this kit is ingeniously designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking, something that any wine lover should be really happy to learn.

Thus, when we claimed that “any wine cellar can practically be a limited edition” with our Designer Kit Series, we certainly hold ourselves true to our word. This Tech Tuesday episode has indeed shown to everyone why “It’s really better with Designer!” Do check out the Designer Series Collection today!

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