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Wine Cellar Magic With WineMaker

May 4th, 2011

Magic!Do you believe in magic? Well, not the Walt Disney kind of bibbity boppity boo but the kind that makes you go “wow” when you see something transform from ordinary to amazing. It’s the kind of fairy tail you experience when you get a totally hot makeover from a professional artist, put on a designer dress, killer heels and turn heads when you enter a room. Remember, even Cinderella knew the importance of a good dress and more so with the shoes (come on, those glass slippers stole the Prince’s heart!), so even when it’s not exactly done with a fairy godmother, there are still transformations that are at best, magical.

Why WineMaker?

So let’s talk about wine cellars because at WCI, if there’s one kind of magic we CAN do, it’s making wine cellar dreams come true. If you’ve scoured through our Photo Galleries, you can easily see that we can bring about transformations that would please even the most discriminating wine enthusiast and we do this by merging quality and style to bring about a truly outstanding result. And if you’ve taken the time to follow our blogs, we’ve already talked about one of our prized products, our solid collection of wine racks.

Now we’ve talked about the ever versatile Vintner, the classy Designer, and the vintagey Rustic Pine, but we can still go to it one better! If you still haven’t heard of our WineMaker Series or have somehow forgotten about it, it’s high-time you learned more about it. Why so? Because when you wish to get maximum storage options, a cost-effective package, and a truly impressive wine cellar transformation, the WineMaker Series can bring it all to your doorstep.

The WineMaker Series is actually a spinoff of the very popular Vintner Series, but at an attractively affordable package. Our wine racks are as flexible as Vintner and specifically designed to be stacked one on top of another to create a seamless, sleek for your wine cellar. In terms of space-efficiency and storage options, WineMaker covers all the bases with additional plus points for style. The racks are now available in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine, and can be dressed up and down with the right play of stain options and custom finishes. Thus, you can choose to turn your wine cellar into a luxurious haven for the most discerning of wine connoisseurs or go for contemporary chic with the help of WineMaker Series Moldings.

WineMaker Moldings

More than just a Cinderella story

Well, you just can’t forget how Cinderella managed to secure a “happily ever after” after she donned on that fabulous white gown and glass slippers but your wine cellar will get an even happier ending when you dress it up with our WineMaker Series. Knowing how to mix, match, and stack our individual bottle racks, diamond and rectangular bins for bulk storage, various wine displays, tasteful quarter round shelves, and super stylish waterfall falling racks will give you a transformation that can last a lifetime.

WineMaker Base PlatformsAnd here’s something noteworthy: with the WineMaker Series Base Platforms, your wine racks are fully supported and even allowing you to maximize rack heights in your wine cellar. This makes for practically limitless ceiling height configurations, no matter how moderate or large the size of your wine cellar may be.

Just like the posh Vintner Series, WineMaker wine racks can go from floor to ceiling in any height over 6 feet.  Our racks come in one foot increments ingeniously achieved by combining 3-feet and 4-feet sections. Together with the base platform and crown molding options,  you pull together fresh and distinctive look for wine cellar while at the same time piling in potential savings by using kits rather than constructing a custom wine cellar from scratch. In addition, with the assorted stain options and custom finishes we provide here at WCI (you can refer to our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain & Finish Review), your base platforms can be in total design harmony with your entire wine cellar furniture.

So, I’m going to ask you differently now: do you believe in wine cellar magic? The kind that will make guests go “wow” when they step into a truly gorgeous wine cellar? Because if you still don’t, then let us WCI weave magic for you!

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