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Greening Your Wine Cellar: Part 1

May 2nd, 2011

Wine Cellar Innovations’ eco-friendly options for your wine cellar!

You love your wines, and want the best for your wine cellar. But you love the Earth too. So how do you make your wine cellar environmentally-friendly?

Here at WCI, we’ve got some eco-friendly options for your wine room—from the type of wood to use, to the flooring and the lights! We’ve got eco-friendly cork and wine barrel floors, energy-efficient LED lights and SFI-Certified Redwood for your wine cellar, to name a few.

Let’s talk about flooring today, shall we?

Flooring: Eco-friendly Cork & Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Cork Floors

Cork FloorThere are lots of reasons to consider cork for your wine cellar. Cork floors are a beautiful, environmentally sound choice for your wine room as they are are easy to clean, add insulation value to the floor, are naturally moisture-resistant. All-natural and a rapidly renewable resource, they have also been proven to be anti-microbial and insect resistant.

Another great feature of cork floors is that they are very durable and resilient. If, say, an object is dropped onto the cork floor, the latter will absorb the impact and return to its original state. However for really heavy objects such as a large piece of furniture or appliance, it is best to place something underneath the pressure points as a cork floor may not recover from the extended weight.

Oh, and did we mention that aside from cork floors, we have cork tabletops too? Check out what makes them a fab choice by reading the cork table top features.

Indeed, the cork floor will always have a place in an environmentally sensitive home. You can read more about why cork is an eco-friendly material here and here.

Wine Barrel Floors

WineBarrel FlooringHow would you like to line your floors with reclaimed wine barrels? Recycled wine barrel flooring is totally eco-friendly, and can give such character to a wine cellar.

Our vintage wine barrel flooring here at WCI (which is on sale until May 25th!) has are 2 “Cooperage” stamps per every 3 feet.  Cooperage refers to the outside portion of a wine barrelhead, and it has the distinct markings of each barrel.

Mind you, each reclaimed wood component is carefully inspected for quality, color, and structural integrity. Each piece being truly unique because no two planks from a barrel are alike, they really are a perfect way to upgrade your wine cellar, giving it an old world charm! Shouldn’t you be proud to be able to give old wine barrels a second life?

Next time, we’ll talk about sustainable wood for your wine cellar. In the meantime, talk to one of our Design Consultants about greening your wine cellar today!

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