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Dressing Up Your Wood In More Ways Than One

April 20th, 2011

We’ve talked about how choosing the right kind of wood for your wine cellar becomes one of the primary reasons why an amazing wine cellar transformation can be brought about. That’s why here at WCI, we cannot stop emphasizing just how important it is to know the top wood choices based on quality, durability, and of course, cost-productivity.

But choosing the wood alone is actually just putting on your clothes sans the make-up. And if you’re a guy, it’s putting on a good suit minus an equally good pair of shoes. In order to achieve a truly complete look for your wine cellar that would bring out a “WOW!” rather than just a perfunctory nod, there’s a need to dress up your wood choice and this is what we’re sharing with you guys today.

Remembering the top 5

Before we talk about giving your wine cellar celebrity status where looks are concerned, let’s recall first our popular wood choices. Each wood type has its own distinguishing features that set it apart from the others and in “dressing” up your wood, it always pays know what works best with it. Again, the choice picks are:

Clear All-Heart Redwood
Premium Redwood
Prime Mahogany
Rustic Pine

Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood are arguably the favorites, especially with custom residential wine cellars since in addition to quality and durability, these wood types are quite affordable as compared to Prime and Amber Blaze Mahogany. Basically, the Redwood specie is easier to craft than Mahogany, the latter being a dense and heavy type of wood. As for Rustic Pine, it’s the best choice for those who prefer a raw and bucolic charm to their wine cellars. Nevertheless, all five wood choices are highly susceptible to retaining stains and finishes, which is what “dressing up” your wood is all about!

Stain, swatch, match!
So now we get to the fun part! Once you’ve chosen your wood for your wine cellar, the next step to achieving a full transformation is going with the right stain options and custom finishes. With WCI’s Interactive Swatch Viewer, you can actually view how your wood choice would look in a variety of stain and finish options. What’s more, the simulator also works on other select woods such as Red Oak, Cherry, Birch, and Black Walnut. It’s literally “dressing up” your wood and seeing what the finished product would look like, only better!


The design possibilities you can create are practically limitless. For example, you can choose from light and classic stains for a clean and ageless look to your wine cellar or you may want to go dark to midnight black stains for a totally unconventional yet highly dramatic appeal. Combine these with custom finishes such as lacquer coating for a glossy and glamorous polish or distressed finish for a rustic vibe. Here are some great stain and finish options to consider:

Light Danish Stain
• Classic Mahogany Stain
• Dark Walnut Stain
• Midnight Black Stain
• Dusty Weathered Finish
• Dark Weathered Finish
• Distressed Finish
• Whitewash Finish
• Lacquer Finish


And as always, we recommend seeking the advice of our design consultants in the event that you become unsure of your choice. Think of it as hiring Vivienne Westwood or Carolina Herrera to outfit you on the red carpet. Whatever style preference you might have, having an experienced hand around to guide you will definitely bring out the best results. Keep in mind too, that “dressing up” your wood provides it with additional protection from ordinary wear and tear of everyday exposure and use. Consider it as insurance, all dolled-up!

Plus, just to show you guys we can walk the talk, check out the featured wine cellars in our Tech Tuesday episodes.  We guarantee satisfaction with each wine cellar transformation!