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Tech Tuesday – Episode #32 – Green with Envy: All Heart Redwood

April 19th, 2011

All Heart RedwoodIt’s been a great, great, great week for WCI and let us tell you why! First off, we’ve had some fabulous wine cellar transformations for this month and if you’ve missed out on that, check out our previous Tech Tuesday episodes. Second, we’ve gotten some very nice feedback on our Interactive Swatch Viewer which is a very practical way of selecting custom finishes for your wine cellar. And last but not the least, we love how our clients are giving it up to the new additions to our Sample Cellars and this Tech Tuesday is the perfect example.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 181747
Wood: All-Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity:  928

Platinum Series The client here opted to go with what we like to call our “top of the line” series: the Platinum Series.  Now for those of you who still haven’t acquainted yourselves with our custom wine racks, the Platinum Series offers the widest variety of wine storage options in full-depth style. See how such variety is reflected in the wine cellar racks? What you see there are single deep and double deep individual wine bottle storage racks and solid diamond bins with front face trim for maximum bulk storage.

All heart redwood classic mahoganyAs for the choice of wood, what better pick can you make than All-Heart Redwood? All-Heart Redwood has been dubbed after all as the “perfect choice” for custom wine cellars because this wood choice is almost the complete package of quality, durability, and affordability. The client wisely chose to go with Classic Mahogany stain which lends a very sleek and rich polish to the racks.

Here’s another image that showcases the versatility of the Platinum Series. From individual to bulk storage, it definitely covers all the bases. And see that how ingeniously those lockers with mesh panels were incorporated into the overall design? The client also included cabinets with raised panel doors and adjustable shelves to complete the entire set-up, which makes for additional storage options for not just wine but also champagne and other spirits.

Wine Glass Rack and Table topAnd take a look at this! It’s Platinum’s failsafe combo of Wine Glass Rack and Tabletop. The hanging wine glass rack can accommodate up to 36 glasses which makes this a very ideal wine tasting station. Hopefully, we can see this wine cellar filled with all those delicious bottles soon *crosses fingers*! Did you guys by any chance notice the custom moldings on the racks? If you look high up, you can see the LED lights highlighting the crown and prime moldings on the racking.

Oh, and before we forget! That chic tabletop is nothing less than our Corian tabletop which the client wanted customized in Pine. Definitely NOT a bad choice of shade! The Pine color stands out against the dark wood.

Standard Full Glass Wine Cellar Door

Now this last piece of wine cellar furnishing is also worthy of mention: the standard full glass wine cellar door. It’s stained and lacquered to match the deep hues of the wine racks and altogether creates a subdued yet timeless charm to the wine cellar. Here’s where the saying “less is more” takes on full impact. When you choose the right wood type, select a versatile racking option, be a bit adventurous with accessories and custom finishes, you get nothing less than classic excellence. WCI is always here to help you achieve just that so keep on checking us out every Tech Tuesday!

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