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Best Buys, Unbelievable Bargains: Our April Monthly Door Special

April 18th, 2011

Surprise!Surprise, surprise! Have we got some exciting things to share with you this month. While the month of April is heralded by nothing less than the prankster’s utopia (think April fool’s day), we’re not pulling fast one on you here at WCI, no siree! This month, we have an amazing addition to our Monthly Door Special that has been going on.

Now we all know that creating a custom wine cellar is no drop in the bucket which is why our thrust here at WCI is always to provide our clients with design options that merge both quality and affordability. We’ve also pointed out in a couple of blog posts just how important it is to choose the right kind of accessories and accents for your wine cellar that would mesh with the overall style structure and give your wine cellar a really distinct and defined look. One of these wine cellar accessories would be your choice of wine cellar door.

No Cheap Charlie!

Wine cellar doors don’t exactly come cheap (name something that does nowadays!) and it would be awful to sacrifice the quality of material, say the wood choice, at the behest of cost. Even a simple wine cellar door made from good quality wood say Redwood or Mahogany would still set you back some hundred or even thousand bucks. But get this: this April, we’re pulling out at all the stops by offering you a whopping 20% on our Wine Harvest Carved Door. What is this door all about? Why, nothing less than a combination of high-quality Brazilian Mahogany and intricate design carved to perfection. Take a look at why we’re totally raving about this product:

Wine Harvest Cellar Door• The door is made from finest Brazilian Mahogany, highly durable and rot-resistant.
• The carved Grapevine design is intricately crafted, etched, and complete with stains and finishes.
• This door comes in three sizes:
 30″ w x 80″ h
 32″ w x 80″ h
 36″ w x 80″ h

• It comes with bronze weatherstripping and hinges and solid rustic sil.
• Plus, you have so many options for customizing in especially where stain and finish options is concerned. For better reference, see our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain and Finish Review.

A connoisseur’s dream come true

Well, we’ve shown you the practical side as to why you should hurry on up and grab our Wine Harvest Carved Door before our limited stocks become all sold out, but we’re going to go to it one better. Here’s a closer look at this stunning work of art:

Notice how detailed the carvings are? The elaborate grapevine design speaks of the very high level or artistry and skill used to create such a delicate and classic outline. We really love how the design illustrates the grape-harvesting process which can definitely be a conversation starter in any wine-tasting affair. This particular image showcases the wine cellar door in Tropical Hardwood with Rustic Finish, explaining the vintage appeal of the product. As all WCI wine cellar accessories, you can choose to have your stain and finish options customized, as we have earlier mentioned.

Hey, hey, hey! It’s nearly mid-month so don’t let this opportunity slip by. Remember, our retail price comes at $2,360 and that means over $400 in savings when you purchase your Wine Harvest Carved Door today. Like the proverbial, “Strike while the iron is hot,” we shopaholics say, “Never pass up a good bargain!”

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