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Follow Up Tech Tuesday Transformation: Evans Revealed

March 23rd, 2011

In yesterday’s Tech Tuesday episode, we brought you another fantastic wine cellar transformation with our client’s beautiful residential wine cellar. But if you can recall, that was just the raw version. We recently visited their cellar after they had loaded it up.  So let’s see the difference now that the wine cellar is all spruced up with their wine collection. Even better, we have a video walk through for you located below…

What you’re seeing here is a wine cellar worthy of a magazine feature, we kid you not! Making the most of Amber Blaze Mahogany as the primary wood choice and completing the look with Classic Mahongany stain finish was definitely a winning combo. Look at how the marble slab floorings set-off the deep, rich color of the wood. And the raised panel ceiling adds just the right touch, especially with the LED lighting. That lovely wine cellar art is displayed to its full potential, owing to all the elements coming into place. It really exudes a dreamy atmosphere, doesn’t it?

The newly installed Tech Tuesday episode didn’t show those adorable tasting tables as well. See how much more eye-catching this wine cellar is now that there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place!

We mentioned in the previous blog post that this wine cellar is comprised of some of the best elements of our Platinum Series Collection and here you can see up close how the Quarter Round Displays mesh so well with the Solid Vertical Display Shelves and Solid Diamond Bins with interlock trim to provide roomy and versatile wine storage options. And does the color scheme catch your fancy? Our client did great in deciding to go with the green marble slabs for the floors with the help of our design specialist, Erik Kuehne, who also gave the vote to Amber Blaze Mahogany for the wood choice.  The green marble against the dark wood makes everything look so solid and elegant.

Glass on wood is always one of the best combinations, don’t you agree? Take this classic glass paneled doors, for example. With the wine cellar filled with those sparkling bottles, only glass upon wood could do the entire set-up justice.

Here’s a closer look at the green marble tabletop and matching flooring.  See how pronounced those bottles actually are at the corners? Your finest wine collection can easily be showcased with this ingenious racking system and further enhanced by the green marble.

Now could it be possible that these beautiful shots of the completed project still left you thirsting for more? Well, no need to fuss because we came prepared to satisfy you! Take a walk through the video that unveils more of Evans wine cellar transformation.

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