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Small Conveniences Make For Big Differences

March 14th, 2011

Well, we have been talking about wine racks during several blogs and comparing and contrasting a number of collections. So let’s talk about something a bit different today but still having something to do with wine racks!

One of the more common problems with customers building custom wine cellars have is making all that furniture, particularly the racks and cabinets fit the corners, nooks, and crannies. What’s more, it can be a tad frustrating when you cannot maximize the area and floor space of the room for your entire collection and still have space left for those bottles that would be coming along. That being said, we feel like it’s high time we come to appreciate what “small” packages can offer us such as small wine racks for our wine cellars.

Real space savers!

Wine Cellar Innovations provides for these economical and highly efficient space savers that come in three unique designs:

Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack
Pine Cube Wine Rack
Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle Rack

Stackable 12-Bottle Wine RackTo better understand just how functional these wine racks can get despite their size, let’s try to sort out their specs one at a time. Let’s go first with the Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack because it’s one of the most versatile and as the name suggests, these racks can be stacked either side by side or one on top of the other. These beautifully crafted racks can accommodate up to 12 bottles per rack and can go up to ten feet in height when stacked. That makes for so many storage options!

Pine Cube Wine RackThe Pine Cube Wine Rack are also stackable and have in fact double the storage capacity of the 12 Bottle Wine Rack. Made from Pine, these racks are both durable and susceptible to retaining custom finishes such as stain options to match the theme and design of your wine cellar. This small wine racks are also easy to assemble which makes them one of the popular choices for custom wine cellars.

Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle RackLast but certainly not the least, there’s the Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle Rack that has a storage capacity of 115 bottles. While this series is the non-stackable kind, its biggest advantage is in terms of individual bottle storage and easy assembly.

Quality craftsmanship at quality cost!

Here’s something to convince you even more just how amazing a deal you can get out of purchasing small wine racks: our small wine rack collections are ingeniously crafted to provide flexible storage options as well as to ensure that each individual bottle is properly stacked without damaging even the wine or champagne labels. In addition, our design team makes it a point to continuously find ways on how to improve the functionality and efficiency of our wine racks so that every product the customer purchases will always be stamped with the seal of guaranteed satisfaction. You can view recent product modifications for some of our series such as our Designer Series which incidentally, also includes small wine racks in the collection, and see how we always strive hard to bring the best racks straight to your wine cellar.

Indeed, great things can come in small packages and this is exactly what you get with our amazing collection of small wine cellar racks. Only at Wine Cellar Innovations can you make “small” things bring on big possibilities in your wine cellar!

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