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Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #25: Electronic Wine Thermometers And More

March 11th, 2011

The WCI family is sending our thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to all those in Japan and any other areas affected by
the major earthquake and resulting tsunami early this morning. I’ve been glued to the news all morning.

Let’s get to some good links this morning, shall we?

Fat Tuesday was a popular topic this week. What are you giving up? (If it’s wine, don’t tell me!) Vinotology has an amusing take on the matter.

Do you need an electronic wine thermometer? It sounds a little high tech for me and since I live in California, I don’t usually have freezing cold wines! LA Times has some geeky tips for you though.

Continue to love on Steve Heimoff, this week it’s about having expertise in the social media world. Who do you trust in your wine reviews? Personally, I go for the popular crowd-sourced vote. Or shiny stickers. I will admit I pulled a Barefoot Riesling off the shelf at Safeway last weekend because I was looking at 10 different bottles and I had no clue what to pick. My choice had a Best Pick of 2009 sticker on it from Wine Enthusiast. Who do you trust? (The wine was delicious, by the way!)

Speaking of that, do you trust Food & Wine? Or the NYTimes? They have a quick article out on the best bang for your buck in red and white. Worth a browse to see if you want to try something new.

Love this description of tannins or acidity from Dr. Vinny at Wine Spectator.

Hope you have a good weekend and don’t forget to reset your clocks this Sunday!

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