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Tech Tuesday – Episode #24 – Dylan’s Wine Cellar

February 22nd, 2011

We just can’t get enough of custom-made wine cellar racks and other accessories, especially if they look as fantastic as this:

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 207235-3
Wood: Premium Redwood
Maximum capacity:  6,535 bottles
Where: Peekskill, NY

Even from just the bare wine racks alone, you can already see how clean, polished, and organized the area looks at soon-to-launch Dylan’s Wine Cellar. So, you can just imagine how attractive the finished product would look when these handsomely  crafted racks would be filled with those sparkling wine bottles.

Dylan’s has purchased combinations of our Premium 6 Column Merchandiser, Premium 4 Column Merchandiser with Classic Mahogany Stain with Brown Vinyl Base, Premium Bin Display, Half-Height, 3 Columns, and Premium Redwood 2 Column Bin Display.  Look at how well these racks  and cabinets work with the room’s simple layout. The strong, rich hues of Premium Redwood with Mahogany Stain make for understated elegance that spells “class” with a capital C.

Isn’t it amazing just how much retail wine rack storage space you can get without having to clutter your area with unnecessary furniture? Dylan’s Wine Cellar’s primary thrust is to make wine shopping a more convenient experience for their customers and patrons and what better way to achieve this than to have all their wine products neatly stacked, arranged, and organized with our superbly  functional display racks and shelves.

For good measure, Dylan’s also had the foresight to get one our Premium Island Displays and Premium Quarter Round Shelf Fixture with Mahogany Stain. The island’s rounded edge adds a soft touch to the otherwise vibrant auburn color. The contrast of the nude walls and interior of the wine cellar with the Mahogany stain make the display island really stand out.

Don’t you just love how the countertop’s wooden finish looks so smooth and highly polished? The play of rich reddish-brown against the lighter, cooler wood tones create just the right atmosphere for shopping around and selecting your favorite wine choices. What’s more, you can’t go wrong with Premium Redwood because this type of wood is extremely durable and long-lasting. It’s open-celled structure allows makes it very susceptible in retaining all types of finishes which would explain why the Mahogany stain gives off such a vivid tint.

Premium Redwood had always been an excellent choice for wine cellars which is why it’s the wood type that works well with custom-made wine cellars.  Since Dylan’s aims to create a warm, vintage aura for its wine store, their wood and stain choices couldn’t be any better.  Just waiting for the completed look of their wine cellar excites us down to our tippy toes!

Dylan’s Wine Cellar is located in Peekskill, New York and will be opening to serve wine connoisseurs in the area soon. With the right wine cellar racks and accessories such as these and their extensive collection of everyday wines and spirits, their store will surely be worth checking out.

Custom wine cellars truly takes one’s wine tasting experience to a whole new level so just continue to come on over every Tech Tuesday as we tell more tales of awesome wine cellar transformations.