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More Than Just A Bright Idea

February 16th, 2011

Wine Cellar Lighting SystemIt can always be a bit of a problem and a whole lot of challenge to make your wine cellar stand out. While you can choose a really glamorous design and have it reproduced, there are still times when you would get disappointed with the end result. This is a tale told too often especially by those who put too much stock on just picking random, great-looking designs from magazines, books, or online sites. Do not forget that pictures are edited to enhance their best profiles but then, who says you can’t do it with the actual thing? Read on and find out!

Illuminating ideas…

IC Can LightsEven if your wine cellar is crafted from the best quality materials, it won’t exactly guarantee you an attractive overall appeal. What actually separates a standard wine cellar from one with a truly unique look is how the designer plays on the mix of wine cellar accessories and accents and to really bring out their allure, nothing works best than having the right lighting facilities. Tasteful lighting of your wine cellar will serve to highlight your succulent collection, making everything simply eye-candy even to the most novice of patrons. Hence, splurging a little on the right lighting fixtures is certainly money well-spent. Wine Cellar Innovations has much to offer you on this note, what with our wine cellar lighting flourishes:

IC Can Spotlight Lighting
LED Display Lighting
Fluorescent Slimlites

To “enlighten” the discriminating connoisseur!

Now you no longer need to just imagine a custom wine cellar that looks great only in print. Our lighting fixtures and accessories can even be customized to mesh with the style and theme of your wine cellar. For example, glass enclosed wine cellars capture light a lot better and would be more suitable for a lighting set-up that would set off the vibrant mood of the collection. One the other hand, tasting rooms and home bars should have more subdued lighting that radiate a comfy and pleasant aura. Of course, it pays to seek professional and experienced advice on the matter as well which is why we also provide a step-by-step wine consultation process for your convenience. So “turn up the lights” on your wine cellar today and visit our website or contact us.