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Tech Tuesday – Episode #23 Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

February 15th, 2011

If you plan to have an extensive wine collection, you will most likely consider investing in a custom wine cellar to ensure large storage space, suitable storage conditions and of course, unique decor.

This is exactly what the Matthews did, and as always, we were just happy to install another large wine room.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 207256-0
Wood: Clear All Heart Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum capacity: 2136 bottles
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Here’s what’s great about helping wine enthusiasts design and build their wine cellar: we get to do the planning and designing together, as well as the selection of the right equipment and accessories. From the wine racks, to the cellar cooling system to the wine cellar door, we work together every step of the way.  It’s a team effort, yes, and we get to work not only with homeowners, but retail store and restaurant owners as well.

Speaking of restaurants, how did you like last week’s commercial wine cellar? Eddie Merlot’s new Louiseville branch has a gorgeous wine room that’s sure to keep guests coming and ordering more wine!

Anyway, let’s take a tour of the Matthews’ wine cellar:

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Don’t wonder why these racks looks so good – they’re Clear All Heart Redwood, and you know what that means: natural beauty and excellent performance. We’ve talked about the amazing Redwood many times here in WCI, and again, we’re telling you why it’s the top choice for the best wine cellars: just like your wine, ages beautifully. Natural, unstained Clear All Heart Redwood takes on increasing darker depth of beautiful color as it oxidizes.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Clear All Heart Redwood is special because it comes exclusively from the center of the log, and it is also the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot of all North American woods.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Notice the various reddish brown tones of these racks. The combination of individual storage and the open diamond cube wine racks neatly shows off the range of shades and variety of grain patterns that Clear All Heart Redwood can produce. Why, the colors can range from pink to red to dark brown with reddish overlay!

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

There are no pretty curves in this wine room, but wine racks are brought together nicely to form 90-degree squared corners. Notice the moldings in the middle, the mark of our stackable Vintner series!

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

As you can see, this wine cellar has some good corner sections, and the open wood racks are really pretty!

Oh, and this room is being cooled by none other than the amazing self-contained wine refrigeration system Whisperkool.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Big wine lovers definitely deserve a pretty big wine room, and the Matthews got just that. We hope you enjoyed the little tour. If you’d like to see more wine cellar installations, check out our residential photo gallery.

See you next Tech Tuesday!