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Tech Tuesday – Episode #22 – Eddie Merlot’s

February 8th, 2011

Let’s talk about a gorgeous wine bar. Or rather, feel free to walk through it in our video here:

This is exactly what Eddie Merlot’s new Louisville restaurant boasts of, aside from its stunningly elegant interior design and yummy steaks. We have to confess, we have been dying to share this wine room install with you because Eddie Merlot’s is only one of America’s great steak houses!

If you visit their website, you’ll discover one of the secrets to what makes this upscale restaurant a hit: their chef maintains “unparalleled standard of tenderness and flavor” when it comes to their steaks and seafood,  by “personally selecting each piece for the optimum proportion of marbling and texture, before hand-cutting and seasoning the thick, tender and juicy steaks to your specifications…”.

Well, the same care, meticulousness and high standard was applied when it came to building their beautiful wine room. Just take a look at these photos!

Of course, being a fine, upscale restaurant, only Wine Cellar Innovations’ finest – the Platinum Series was chosen for this wine cellar installation.

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 199909-3
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity: 1836 bottles
Where: Louisville, KY

Don’t these smooth, lovely All Heart Redwood wine racks simply take your breath away? The warm LED lights do a great job of creating an inviting atmosphere. It’s almost saying…”must have wine!”.


The 15 degree angle of these custom display racks are designed to keep the cork moist and lets one easily view the wine labels. Because it provides full visibility of the wines with no obstructions, it’s simply perfect for a restaurant setting.

This wine room features beautiful diamond cubes, high reveal displays for champagne bottles, fixed shelf and quarter round shelf cabinets. Regulating temperature in this grand home of wines is a Wine Zone wall mount ductless split wine cellar refrigeration system.

Wine racks made from clear, All Heart Redwood are truly beautiful, don’t you agree? The floor-to-ceiling elegance of this wine room just makes us swoon. Why, every angle and curve of this room is simply a sight to behold!

Notice the various shades of the wood below…the beauty of All Heart Redwood is, it’s just going to get better with age!

Finally, we must say that nothing beats the elegance of glass enclosures and glass doors. In such a beautiful restaurant with an amazing array of wines, (we heard that this wine bar provides more than 70 wines and a very extensive reserve wine collection by the bottle) glass is the perfect choice to show off the collection.

Eddie Merlot’s opened just last January in the Hertz Starks Building on the corner of Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Guests can have fun, relax and enjoy listening to up-tempo music, while dressed in business or casual attire, also live music on weekends in the lounge.

It is, indeed, fine dining at its best.

More gorgeous wine rooms to come every Tech Tuesday. Watch out for that!