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Making the Right Wood Choices

February 3rd, 2011

Just how essential is it to make the right wood choice for your wine cellar? Let’s say that it is just about as important as making sure that your wine cellar is not only functional but also eye-catching. Basically, selecting wood for your wine cellar is a lot like dressing up. You definitely would want to look your best but at the same time, you also want to be comfortable to last the entire day. The same is actually true for your wine cellar. You would naturally want it to look attractive but at the same time, it should be resilient enough to last for a substantial period of time and the kind of wood materials you would be utilizing is the key to achieving all these.

Knowing different wood types

Of course, it helps to be well acquainted with the different types of quality wood choices because there are so many out there and not all of them may be suitable to the pattern or design of your wine cellar. You would also have to consider the durability of the type of wood you’ll be selecting because we can be easily lured into choosing wood types that are seemingly attractive but could not withstand the ordinary wear and tear of everyday usage. After all, a wine cellar is primarily a storage space for your collection hence, the materials used have to be of excellent quality.

Wood choices we offer

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we make choosing the most appropriate wood type for your wine cellar a noteworthy experience. This is because have provided an efficient system for accomplishing this seemingly challenging task by setting out five of the top-grade wood choices for our customers to choose from. In other words, these wood materials are already pre-ordered and on-hand and all that the customer has to do is select the type that best suits their preferred style and taste.  You get your pick from five of the best types of wood for wine cellar construction: Clear All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Prime Mahogany, and Rustic Pine.

The Add-ons

As a testament to our versatile products and services, Wine Cellar Innovations also offers customers the chance to customize even their choice of wood for their wine cellars. Our sophisticated facilities which involve a fully integrated milling system enable us to manipulate almost any wood type that is available in the market. Thus, customers are given more leeway when it comes to picking out wood materials that will mesh with their preferred style and pattern in the design of their respective wine cellars. What’s more, you can contact us and discuss your concerns on your wine cellar project with our skilled design consultants so start punching those numbers today.