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Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #16

January 14th, 2011 by

Happy Friday, people! Have you checked out our Wine Cellar Giveaway? I hope you are getting ready to contact us to start the plans for your dream cellar. What specific wood will you be using? :) Tell us what you like!

A fantastic question popped up in Quora yesterday. Quora is a new question and answer site that uses crowd sourcing to find find the best possible answer but has an element of Twitter and Facebook in it, where you can follow experts, push up votes, and be social with it. The question that popped up was ‘What are the best wines to start your wine cellar with’ and there are some great answers. What do you think?

With all these natural disasters happening around the world, it’s always nice to hear about our community supporting one another. The Australian wine industry is holding a raffle and a half million-dollar donation from Fosters’s.

I quite enjoyed this article from WineandFoodTravel talking about ‘Demystifying Wine Labeling’ because I often select a wine on how ‘pretty’ the label is or what type of name the wine is. They go over some key points to make your wine product recognizable to the consumer.

I love because of their attention to detail in their articles. Should wine writers be certified? Who do you really trust when it comes to wine reviews? They also give a great list of Twitter followers who are certified. If you are on Twitter and don’t follow us yet, be sure to follow and send us a tweet so we can follow back!

Here is a link that won’t make you smile but will make you realize there is goodness in everyone. A Southwest pilot holds the plane for a grieving Grandfather to make it through security.

Finally, everyone just CALM DOWN. Your Zodiac sign really isn’t changing. I know there were some frightening moments there (really, I was fine since my sign didn’t change!) but traditional zodiac actually follows seasons, not stars. So while you can look at that other NEW data, be assured you are still the same sign. I’m really relieved actually.

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