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Tech Tuesday – Episode #15 – Residential Redwood Hidden Gem

December 21st, 2010

So we’ve showed you several wine cellars these past few months and you’ve seen all types of wine racks, from residential to commercial. Last week’s Tech Tuesday was a lovely Vintner Series wine cellar installation, and we hope you appreciated modular wine racks even more!

You’ve seen gorgeous cellars in different wood types and stains, (Redwood being the favorite of most homeowners and wine store owners) beautiful tile ceilings,  LED lights illuminating wine rooms and interesting stone facades.

Wait until you see this ‘hidden’ gem.

Wine Display and Wine Racks

What: Residential Custom Wine Cellar
Project #: 204191-4
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum storage capacity:  1,475 wine bottles
Where: Bolivar, PA

Today’s residential wine cellar is from our top of the line Platinum Series, and it shows us that looks can be deceiving…because there’s a wonderful surprise to this huge wine room.

Hidden Doors for your Wine Racks

Don’t let those vertical display racks fool you.  It’s actually a hidden door!

We wrote about wine cellar hidden doors last time, and we are just thrilled that this Hickory Hill Farm wine cellar decided to have one installed. We love how it provides an element of surprise in the wine room, because it appears to the unknowing eye to be just another bunch of wine racks. We have more hidden door examples in our Popular Ideas section, so be sure to browse those if that is something you are looking for.

Hidden Door Showing an Opening

Here’s the thing about hidden doors — the door hinges are not visible, there is no handle, and it is flush with other single-deep wine racking. All you see is the solid vertical wine display cabinet, which can hold magnum bottle sizes as requested by the owner.

Now this obviously is a huge wine room. Why, you can store 1,475 bottles in this cellar! Imagine all the wine bottles you can store in these individual wine racks and bulk storage bins….

Archway with Painting

Notice the standard archway which features a front facing faceplate trim  customized with a Classic Moments handpainted canvas theme. Speaking of theme, you can choose various themes for your wine cellar with wine cellar artstained glass, paintings and murals, etched mirrors and mosaic art to name a few.

Individual Wine Bottle Storage with Archway

We really like how the floor tiles match the wine racks, and the variety of storage options in this cellar is impressive. There’s single or double deep storage with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes…

Case Storage for a Custom Wine Cellar

Case Storage and Display Rows

…bulk storage bins and diamond wine rack bins which can hold up to 9 magnums, 12 champagnes or 16 standard wine bottles. Indeed, form and function go together in this wine room.

Wine Cellar Cooling

Clearly, you can see why the Platinum Series is the choice when you simply want the best. These customized wine racks reflect the widest variety of wine storage options in a full-depth style, and that’s exactly what every wine lover wants.

Check out our photo gallery or the featured wine cellars in our Tech Tuesdays if you’d like to see more Platinum Series  installs.

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