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Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #12: Common Wine Questions And Other Fun Stuff

December 10th, 2010

I hope your iPods are all set on a Holiday shuffle! ‘Tis the season to be merry and while my house is decorated for the holidays, my cards are almost in the mail, I’m still wondering what appetizer I’m going to bring to the family gathering. Hopefully I can decide soon! In the meantime, I go through my daughters birthday and it’s on to getting all the wine storage presents wrapped. How about you? On to some funny stuff…

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From the Huffington Post comes the 10 Most Common Wine Questions and it is really well put together. If you want a quick guide to forward to friends and family, this is it.

I love these 2011 wine and booze predictions from the Orange County Registry.  “Cheap is chic” and more sparkling gems.

Going along with that is the Chicago Tribune’s list of the world’s best wines. Do you have them on your bucket list?
What is the wine word of the week? Crémant is the word and find out more about it at

Upset at any of those laws NOT being passed this week in congress? I’ll try to keep politics out of this but I really enjoyed this article of, If only Laws were like Sausages. No really. It’s worth a giggle.

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