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Oscar Wine & Spirits – Commercial Wine Racks

November 27th, 2010

Every wine store owner wants their place to look great for its customers – there’s no doubt about that.

Nice interiors and well displayed products all contribute to increased sales, and a huge part of the display strategy has a lot to do with the commercial wine racks you choose. You need to have a variety of attractive displays to entice every person who walks in, and you want your wine bottles strategically placed to ensure that each potential customer who comes in finds what they want.

When they walk into your store, wouldn’t you want them to be in awe and immediately want to buy?

Oscar's Wine & Spirits - Wine Display Islands

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Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, our retail wine racks are made for this purpose, and to give you an example, take a look at some of our racks at Oscar’s Wine & Spirits in Tupelo, MS! The store has the regular assortment of wines and spirits, and it’s great to see those rows and rows of wine bottles cradled on various wine racks.

Those wine display islands are a pretty sight, aren’t they? Island wine displays are commonly grouped together in rows throughout the center areas of wine stores, and this is exactly what the store did.

Oscar's Wine & Spirits - Circular Wine Displays

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What about those circular wine displays? Did we tell you that it’s one of our favorite commercial wine rack displays?

When choosing commercial wine rack products for your retail store or restaurant, retail wine merchandising and improving wine sales are indeed two of the most important factors. The best types of wine displays allow you to maximize storage, while at the same time providing the proper number of facings and accessibility. Make sure you find a wine display that allows you to display and store in close proximity.

The finish and style of wine store displays will depend largely on the size and style of your space, and we must say that Oscars did a pretty good job of selecting wooden wine racks. Simple, clean and elegant (just like the entire store), we’re sure the store is giving its customers a pleasurable wine shopping experience.