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Wine Cellar Design – Concept to Design

November 18th, 2010

Introducing Design Corner with our Senior Rack Design Engineer:

A wine cellar from Wine Cellar Innovations is a perfect way to showcase your collection of various wine and champagnes in a functional yet glamorous way. A wine cellar allows your collection to be stored in a safe and ideal environment without the fear of premature aging.

The process of becoming the owner of your very own wine cellar can be simple. The quickest way is to start with a call to 1-800-229-9813 where you will be directed to one of our many friendly design consultants. You can also fill out our Design Request Form where you can upload a PDF document of the room for us, and share your “My Projects” file with our team so we have a better idea of what exactly you are looking for. You will be asked a series of questions related to your existing or planned space, what your storage needs are, your budget etc. At this point your information given will be placed in our system so a wine cellar design can be created.

In this example the Millers called us with a desire to store their wine and needed a racking solution from us. One of our sales specialists met with them and put their thoughts on paper for a wine cellar design. A rough sketch, as seen below, was created on a blueprint which was then turned into Wine Cellar Innovation’s in-house design department.

One of our seasoned wine cellar designers took the sketch and, through the use of AutoCAD, put the Millers concept one step closer to reality by designing a floorplan and elevations of the wine cellar.

This first image is showing a bird’s eye view, looking down on the cellar.  Each specific side can be shown in the larger elevations below.

This wine cellar consists of some key offerings from Wine Cellar Innovations that blend form and function. The wood case racks on “Elevation 1” not only store your wood cases but showcase them also. The solid diamond bin rack is a beautiful form of bulk storage for your wines that makes it’s presence in your wine cellar. Every wine cellar should have one. The corners of the wine cellar utilize our angled curved corners which create a seamless transition from one wall to the next. All of the individual bottle storage including the curved corners have a high reveal display incorporated into them with 11 bottles below each display allowing a full case to be stored with the 12th bottle being presented.

Form and function. That’s what we create here at Wine Cellar Innovations. If you need help designing a wine cellar, call us today.

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  1. Winepine writes:

    Hat’s off to you guys. I have never seen a more dedicated group of individuals as you are. Your website is simple, yet has an incredible amount of interesting options. This blueprint is one unique example of those options. Thank you for sharing, and for adding such unique benefits to the wine community.


  2. Tushar writes:

    If you’re company is supply wine room racks as per our requirements please inform so I can forward you our space layout for further development .
    Very Truely your’s
    Tushar Rajyaguru
    Mumbai INDIA

  3. Kristi writes:

    Thanks Tushar! We will have someone contact you. Cheers!

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