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An Element Of Surprise: Beautiful Hidden Wine Cellar Doors

November 17th, 2010

How would you like your wine cellar to come with both a secret and a surprise?

Hidden doors are usually created if you want a little mystery to a special room, hide away unsightly rooms from public view, or secretly conceal rooms needing privacy.

But wait, is it a wine rack door hiding a secret room within the wine cellar?

You can incorporate hidden doors in your wine cellar — it makes an interesting feature in your wine storage room, as the door can be made to easily blend in with your existing décor and often appears to the unknowing eye to be just another wine rack.

Take this hidden door with built in solid vertical wine display cabinet for example. From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like another vertical display wine cabinet that identically matches the style, depth, wood species and/or stain of your other surrounding custom wine racks. The door hinges are not visible, there is no handle, and it is flush with other single-deep wine racking. Why, a secret cellar door can even be customized to create a complete wine bar! We’re thinking of one that features a wine rack, drawer, wine glass rack and shelves.

Style, functionality, intrigue and security come together in hidden doors, and provide hidden, secured access to your wine cellar.  If you’re a homeowner with a space you want to discreetly limit access to, conveniently hidden beyond your wine storage area, then hidden doors are a must.  You can easily transform any doorway into a beautiful wine cellar entrance, to reveal your functional, concealed wine storage room.

Serving as both the entry to your wine room and even as a book shelf or wine bar, hidden wine cellar doors are something you might want to invest in to add style and mystery to your dream cellar. View more examples of hidden wine cellar doors in our Popular Ideas section on our website.