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Make A Statement With Standout Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

November 10th, 2010

When Wine Cellar Innovations thinks wine, it’s all about the presentation.

Take for example a glass enclosed wine cellar which stretches from floor to ceiling, boldly featured in the center of a dining room. Clean, modern and visually stunning, it makes a great impression!

Regardless of where you are the wine appreciation hierarchy, there are always elements that can be introduced into your home that will showcase your wine persona, right?

Well, we think glass enclosed wine cellars are fabulous.

We’ve always believed in wine storage as a visual feature, not just a place to store your wine.  Glass enclosed wine cellars show a very tasteful eye for decorating and creating an experience.

Speaking of experience, in restaurants, glass enclosures are a beautiful display that creates an elegant ambiance. They can tempt customers to partake of some reds or whites with their meal! We especially love modern-styled glass enclosed cellars because they:

  • emphasize unique racking by increasing visibility; and
  • present a strong visual display with proper wine storage conditions.

When constructing a wine cellar, there are many factors to consider: type of wood to use, location, insulation, wine cellar cooling, design, and lighting to name some. We think there is nothing that enhances a house or restaurant’s beauty and appeal quite like glass — it can make a home look open and welcoming!  Glass doors or entryways seem to make everything sparkle too, and they are easier to clean than wood doors.

So if you’re thinking of building a wine cellar, consider a glass enclosure. Designers and architects specializing in custom wine cellar design can navigate you through the process and show you how it would look before it’s completed!

Indeed, if you want to make a statement, glass enclosed wine cellars will do the trick. Contact us now to speak with a design specialist.

2 responses to “Make A Statement With Standout Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars”

  1. Eric Mustard writes:

    I’d like to specify a glass enclosure for a wine room. Can you give me the specifications of the glass and hardware?

  2. Kristi writes:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for commenting. Our specifications can be found at the bottom of this page:

    We can also get a free design for your room if you give us the measurements and details:

    Congrats on starting a new room!

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