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Wine Cellars – Why are they Essential for Wine Lovers?

November 7th, 2010

Collecting wines have become a very popular hobby for many wine enthusiasts nowadays. And every avid fan surely longs for a gorgeous-looking wine cellar right in the comfort of his home.

Why not! This is not impossible to achieve. Every connoisseur knows how essential a wine cellar is when it comes to wine collecting. It does not only provide you with storage space but offers a safer place for your bottles to lie comfortably as they age for perfection as well.

Constructing your own custom wine cellar is crucial. There are various considerations you must never overlook – for each of them benefits each other hand in hand. Thus, it is very essential you make well-thought decisions to secure you will be laying out a carefully planned cellar for your wines.

When it comes to wine cellars, the most important thing to think of is where to locate it. Usually, which is actually best recommended, it is built in the basement of the house. Why? Because this spot has little or no direct contact with sunlight, spacious, and it is easier to maintain appropriate room temperature since it is intact.

But, if you think you have other spare locations within the house, you can freely make use of that as well. You still have the final say as long as you make sure there will be less difficulty prior to the building process.

Next to worry about is how much room you have. We get asked how big or small your wine cellar should be all the time. A nice feature about wine cellars is they can be customized in any size which of course is very dependent on the numbers of your wine bottles.

Wine cellars, depending on how huge they are, are capable of holding up to thousands of bottles. Try to analyze how many bottles you have right now, how many you consume in a year, and the average age of your current wine bottles. From there, try to layout a blueprint of the cellar. If you think you will be having more bottles in the future, it is better if you settle for a bigger one proficient enough to hold up to a couple of hundreds or more.

And finally, the most significant of all, is cautiously maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity level within the cellar with a wine cellar cooling unit. You see, all wines require proper temperature in order to keep its original flavor. Therefore, any temperature fluctuations should be avoided to ensure the best quality. The same thing goes with wine cellar humidity. Every wine cellar should have optimum humidity. Otherwise, since the cellar is experiencing dryness, the cork seal have the tendency to go dry as well which directly affects how the wine tastes.

A wine cellar is certainly a must-have for a wine collector. Aside from serving as a good wine storage solution, it also provides additional value to any home. Contact us to speak with one of our excellent Design Specialists to help you talk over your needs for wine storage.

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