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How Big Should My Wine Cellar Be?

November 3rd, 2010

People frequently ask “How big should I make my wine cellar” or “How many wine bottles should I allow for.”

First start out with how many bottles you consume in a year. Then you compute the average age of the bottles you have in your collection. Say you consume 250 bottles in a year and your average bottle age is 5 years old, multiply the two together and you get 1,250. That amount allows you to drink your average number of bottles per year with a 5 year average age. I always recommend you allow another 15% for uneven buying habits. I tend to go on wine buying binges when I take trips to wine country or go to good wine tastings and 15% takes care of those binges.

The above formula works if you currently have a wine cellar and you are putting in a new one or moving to a new home. If you are moving up from cases stacked in a closet or unrefrigerated racking to a dedicated climate controlled wine cellar then there is a new element. Since you previously didn’t have the ability to age your wines in the climate that is conducive to aging, you probably collected wines that were ready to drink in the near term of one or two years. With a climate controlled cellar you will start to buy wines that will not reach their peak for years to come and your average age will increase. Plus your enthusiasm for wine collecting takes a spike when you put in a wine cellar. So the formula is part mathematical and part subjective based on your personality.

The wine cellar size takes some planning. You can stack a lot of bottles in a small space if you have double deep racks with just a corridor between them. If you want something less utilitarian and more aesthetically pleasing then you need to consult a wine cellar specialist and let them design one for you. Our design consultants make the process simple and our CAD designers draw room layouts with elevations which are simple to understand and give you a true representation of your cellar. A step up is 3D wine rack plans, then the next step is to add full color representation and our state of the art design is a virtual walk through.

If you need help in deciding how many bottles you should be planning for, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with a Design Specialist.