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Wine Rack Kits To Die For: The Traditional Redwood Series (Part III of III)

November 1st, 2010

A look at Wine Cellar Innovation’s different wine rack versions for various needs, tastes, and budgets!

By now you already know that we just can’t stop talking about and creating wine racks. They are, after all, the home of our precious wines!

Last week we talked about our Designer Series collection, and before that, our Vintner Series collection. Don’t forget to check them out after you read today’s feature on Traditional Wine Racks.

You’re sure to find the perfect wine rack for you, with all the wine rack kits options we have on our website.

Traditional Redwood Wine Racks

What better way to combine and mix wine racks to develop your own personalized custom home wine cellar?

Our Traditional Series features Redwood wine racks, and all wine cellar and rack components are 72″ high, 8 3/4″ deep and come in easy to assemble kits which screw together. These racks allow you to enjoy the customized look of premium clear redwood without the custom price.

And you know you’ll never go wrong with Redwood — no other wood wine rack offers both beauty and durability, as well as ease of installation. This Redwood wine rack collection is designed to accommodate wine bottles that are 2 ¾” to 3 ¼” in diameter, and are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking.

The wine racks are more shallow in depth for the wine bottles, so the bottle necks tend to stick out more. Do not worry about the safety of your wine though. The shallow depth fully supports the wine bottles. If you think of how a wine bottle is constructed, with the full body of the wine that smooths out to the smaller neck of the bottle? That full diameter of the body of the bottle is supported inside the rack and the tapered portion of the neck does not bear any weight anyway.The depth is usually 8 3/4 inches, while the full depth can be 12 11/16th or 13 1/2  — spacer bar included.

Check out this gorgeous 6 foot Individual Half Height Wine Rack, this pretty Redwood Table Top, and this Rectangular Bin Wine Rack.

Needless to say, the Traditional Series offers all the luxury and look of custom crafted quality Redwood wine racks without the custom price!

Thanks for reading along with us in review of our different wine rack kit series. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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