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Tech Tuesday Episode #5 – Wine Cellar on Lake Michigan

October 12th, 2010

Design, build and install custom wine cellars and wine cellar cooling units.

That’s what we do, and we love it.

We especially enjoy it when we install something HUGE, such as this one for a second home in Traverse City on Lake Michigan, installed September 2. When we say huge – we mean this wine cellar can house 6300 bottles!

What better way to feature your wine and showcase your style but build an awesome wine cellar? Big is truly beautiful in this case, and hey, with our designers and installation experts who are experienced in all aspects of cellar design, this wine cellar is definitely designed to WOW.

Have you seen last week’s Tech Tuesday? Our hands have been full with installation projects!

Where: Traverse City on Lake Michigan
Project #: 202358-2
When: September 2010
Wood: Platinum Series in All Heart Redwood
Maximum Storage Capacity:  6300 wine bottles

The client chose our top of the line Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks, and picked the wood of choice for fine wine cellars — All Heart Redwood. It is durable, naturally resistant to rot and mildew, shrinking and warping. The beauty of this wood is it improves over time!

This huge wine cellar features single and double deep storage wine racks. These come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes. Form and function come together in these wine racks. For aesthetic benefit, every rail on each individual rack has a beveled front edge. Each rail also has an eased edge, which is its functional benefit. This ensures that when you are inserting a bottle into the rack, the label of your wine does not tear.

See those pretty solid diamond cube wine racks?  We just love how it breaks the monotony of rows and rows of individual wine racks and adds a flair to the entire cellar. We design the wine bottle storage capacity of each diamond cube with individual room ceiling heights and space available, because each diamond cube wine rack column or row is custom designed to fit your wine cellar dimensions. How cool is that?

Since this is a BIG wine cellar, there should of course be a place for those wood wine cases. We’ve incorporated single deep wood wine case storage on the bottom level, making them easy to put in and take out.

And what’s that on the left side? A custom-designed with a quarter round shelf cabinet! Quarter rounds are the perfect way to rack around outside corners and make the perfect endcap to any wall. Definitely perfect for displaying decanters, champagne buckets and wine accessories!

Individual wine bottle storage is the most popular style of custom wine racking, as you can see below. Why, we can imagine all those half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes filling up this magnificent cellar in no time! Notice that instead of utilizing a curved corner wine rack for corner transition, this cellar brings two wine racks together to form a 90 degree squared corner.

Finally, check out the open single depth vertical wine bottle display below for that overall dramatic effect. It’s functional and attractive, you would definitely want to show off your prized wines in them!

With genius use of space and materials, this massive wine cellar is surely a delight to its owner. We’re proud to have built this awesome wooden structure! Size doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a huge cellar or a small one that’s just perfect for you living space, we can customize a wine cellar for you.

For more information on our installation services and assembly, check out our installation page.

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