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Stunning Art Pieces and Cellar Additions For Your Personal Style

September 23rd, 2010

A great way to add a more dramatic touch to your wine cellar is through the use of tumbled stone pieces. These types of artworks are stone murals cautiously designed and modified to fit the whole appearance of your cellar to reflect your personal style.

The murals are actually printed on natural stones such as Light and Noce Travertine as well as Tumbled Durango, and Botticino marble. You have the option to choose from a rare variety of designs and images which you think best suits your wine cellar. You can even have it personalized if you so desire.

The images and designs are modified to custom fit your dimensional requirements and you get to approve it first before it is printed the stone. These art forms come sealed with a two-part epoxy and a matte finish.

In addition, if you’d want to accentuate your tasting room a little bit more, Wine Cellar Innovations’ Accents and Corner pieces are the ones to use. Ranging from a wide variety of design selections, you will surely find one according to your personal preferences. The grapevine and ornate stone border pieces featured are artistically hand-painted to give a more striking facade to your stone murals.

Moreover, to further explore your options with the details, Liners and Edging are also made available. There are six different types of mosaic liners; namely, Dome Liner, Double Ogee Listel, Light and Noce Travertine Mosaic Liner, Rope Liner, Square Edge Liner, and Tumbled Liner.

Finally, regarded as tiny accents but gives out astonishing results are Listellos. These are small decorative stone listellos which fashions a distinctive enclosed look around your tumbled stone art mural.

If you have a passion for more stunning art pieces, check out Wine Cellar Innovations now and be mesmerized with all their one-of-a-kind art forms worth installing in your own wine cellar. Feel free to browse and explore our website and contact us if you have a question.  You will be surprised with what is in store for you!

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