Design Request For our Kit Series Wine Racks

Free 2D Design
* We have an average turnaround for designs is based on how many requests we receive. The turnaround time will definitely fluctuate with the complete total number of wine cellar requests that have been sent into us.

Included in your Wine Cellar Design Package are

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or e-mail consultation in regards to your wine cellar design.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required).
  • Quotation on all "Custom Cellar Products"
  • Wine Cellar Construction Manual & Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request).
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized optional cellar amenities.

plan view
Unusual Room Dimensions We realize that not all specific rooms are perfectly square or rectangular. If the space for your cellar is not easy to describe, please share a sketch of the room with us, including relevant dimensions and attach where directed on form below or fax to 513-979-5280