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8 Foot WineMaker Series - Shallow Depth & Tall Wine Racks

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8 Ft WineMaker Series
• All Stain Options
• Many Molding Packages
• 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 Ft Stackable Wine Racks
• Shallow Depth
• Stackable Floor to Ceiling
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Wine Racks
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Base Platforms

These short depth stackable wine racks are an amazing value. Stack them up as a tall wine rack and build it up to the ceiling. Being short depth, they still hold the body of the wine bottle within their depths but the neck sticks out. It looks fantastic with a display row or just the perfect wine rack kit to have in a small space. While we don't make this series in mahogany wine racks, we can create a free design if you are looking for a tall wine rack cabinet.


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