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Celebrating Over 33 yrs of WCI Of Wine Cellar & Wine Racking Manufacturing Expertise

Important things to take into consideration when comparatively shopping our industry leading products and services.


Price Match Guarantee + 5%

Items you purchased from us: We'll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Wine Cellar Innovations then find the identical item for sale at a lower price within 14 days of purchase online. We will credit you back the difference upon request.

Items you see advertised elsewhere: For any racks you see advertised that are 12" in depth or greater, we will match any legitimate advertised offer to that price, plus 5% lower for your choice of either our Designer Series or Vintner Series. You will need to provide proof of advertised pricing and it must be of one our stock material of Rustic Pine, Premium Redwood, Prime Mahogany, or All Heart Redwood.

For any racks you see advertised that are less than 12" in depth, we will match any legitimate advertised offer to that price, plus 5% lower for your choice of either our Winemaker or Traditional Series. You will need to provide proof of advertised pricing and it must be of one our stock material of Rustic Pine or Premium Redwood.




When comparatively pricing out your wine racking investment, it is important to note the depth of the racking. Our Vintner & Designer Series racks are the deepest racks in the industry at 13 ½”. This allows for full support neck to base of all standard sized wine bottles. Our Value series racking lines, WineMaker that is less than 12” deep offer secure wall mounting brackets, and offer the largest display trays for comparable racks in that depth range. This allows you to affordably show off your labels in style.
See illustration below.

Wine Rack Depth Comparison between competition and WCIWine Rack Depth Comparison between competition and WCI
Click on Thumbnails Below to View Close-Ups of Wine Rack Depths
Competitor Full Depth Rack Close-up
Competitor 12 1/4" deep
WCI Full Depth Rack Close-up
WCI 13 1/2" deep
Competitor Shallow Depth Rack Close-up
Competitor 10 1/2" deep
WCI Shallow Depth Rack Close-up
WCI Under 12" deep

Beveled, Eased Edging on Racking Rails & Spacer Bars

To Ensure Bottle Labels Will Not Tear, WCI takes extra time to make sure that all of our Premium & Custom wine racking has radiused, smooth edges to ensure wine labels will be protected at all costs while placing bottles in and taking bottles out of our racking. We also ensure there are no gaps in the corners of our rack rail construction.
Beveled Rails
Beveled Rails
Eased Edges
Eased Edges

Secure Racking Back Braces

Back braces are optional parts we send out with most of our wine racks. The primary function of the back support braces is to help make the racking sturdier, so it does not rock side-to-side when you lift it up into place to secure to the wall, but once secured to the wall the rack will not shift side-to-side with or without the brace. Some customers prefer to mount their racking to the wall using the back brace instead of through the spacer bar, as it is easier to reach. Please read each rack's assembly manual to ensure you understand how to mount your wine racking to the wall. And as always, we are always here to answer any questions you may have!

Back Bracing


Our Solid Wood Paneling Material Is More Than Skin Deep

WCI solid Wood construction vs competition partical board construction
Dings and nicks in solid wood construction vs mdf particle board construction
When comparatively pricing out your wine racking investment, it is important to note the quality of the materials you are pricing out. Our wine racks are built to last by using solid wood, edge glued construction, not MDF with strip edging and paper thin veneer. When MDF veneer materials receive unfortunate dings and nicks,  it can flake over, whereas solid wood can usually leave stain color in tact. An additional value to going with solid wood, is that it can be sanded and refinished as well.I Allheart Redwood Wine Racks Survive Hurricane - Read more>>
"We made the best choice seven years ago in choosing Wine Cellar Innovations!"
redwood wine racks survive hurricane

Completely Free Replacement Parts Concerned about assembly? Relax, if during any time during the assembly process of your wine racks you happen to break a part, or notice anything wrong, just contact us within 90 days of purchase and we will ship you any replacement parts needed, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.
Wine Cellar Innovations warrants its wine racking to be free from defects due to workmanship or material under normal use and service, for the lifetime that the owner remains in the residence. If the product is defective due to workmanship or materials, Wine Cellar Innovations will, at its option, repair or replace the product free of charge. Any mechanical components utilized in the wine cellar, such as hinges or magnetic catches will have a one (1) year warranty.


Celebrating Over 33 yrs of WCI Of Wine Cellar & Wine Racking Manufacturing Expertise

Wine Cellar Innovations has been specializing in the niche industry of wine storage applications since 1984. You can rest assured when consulting with us that we truly are the industry professionals in the business. There is not much we haven't seen or tackled as far as challenges, and we are continuing to evaluate our products and services to offer new, exciting and innovative ways for wine enthusiasts to display and store their wine collections.

Our Massive 354,000 Sq Ft Facility Is Home To The Largest Wine Racking and Wine Cellar Manufacturing Operation In The World

  • We are the largest wine racking manufacturing facility in the world
  • We have been in business for over 30 years
  • We offer the largest selection of racking products in the industry
American WCI Workforce
American Employed Workforce
Products Proudly Made In the USA

BBB A+ Accredited businessWCI Wooden Wine Racks Made In USA


SFI Certified Redwood - A Responsibly Managed Choice

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Wine Cellar Innovations has maintained a foothold in sustainable redwood purchasing for decades for a firm reason, redwood is the ideal wood to naturally hold up to the humid environment required to properly store wine. We are proud to be able to offer the best quality (clear, architectural, knot free), as well as the best pricing in redwood wine racks in the industry. In addition to holding an illustrious natural beauty and structural integrity, redwood has a natural resistance to decay, shrinking, warping and checking. The warmth and rich luxury of genuine redwood will also add great value to your home.

There are 1.74 million acres of Coastal Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) forests on California's north coast. About 26 percent, or 450,000 acres of these forests are preserved in national, state and municipal parks, national monuments and other administratively withdrawn lands where harvesting is prohibited. The vast majority of this protected 26% is old growth redwoods and is the largest collection of old growth trees of any species in the lower 48 states. Of the remaining 1.29 million acres where harvesting can take place, approximately 1.03 million acres (80 percent) are currently being well managed under the SFI Certification Programs. The wood being harvested is all 2nd and 3rd growth trees. Virtually all of the huge old growth trees are protected by law. You can be assured that Wine Cellar Innovations is offering you a responsible choice with our SFI certified Redwood.

Premium Redwood vs Allheart Redwood, Further Conservation Efforts


We sell our redwood at two different pricing points. The center of the wood, as you can see by the illustration, holds a more consistent color and is what we refer to as All heart Redwood. As the rings spread outward, the 'newer' wood tends to hold a variety of beautiful natural colors that range from blonds to pinks. This is what we refer to as our Premium Redwood. This outer wood variety holds all the same characteristics as the center 'heart wood', and is a very popular choice to make when affordability is requested. All our redwood, both All heart & Premium, is a clear architectural knot free grade.

Durability You Can Count On

4,000 Year Old Section of Redwood

Buried For 1500-2000 Years

Redwood is a unique wood that if left unstained, gains a deeper color over time as it ages. Although many people choose to order their redwood wine racks unstained, as you can see below it also holds to stain very nicely WCI offers a wide variety of stain options for all our wood types. Some smaller less skilled shops are unable to properly stain Premium Redwood for a consistent color, however we have developed our own proprietary, environmentally friendly, semi-transparent, waterborne finishes with additives to ensure a consistent color coverage.  See images below. 


Allheart Redwood Stain Quality - environmentally friendly, semi-transparent, waterborne finishes with additives to ensure a consistent color coveragePremium Redwood Stain Quality - environmentally friendly, semi-transparent, waterborne finishes with additives to ensure a consistent color coverage


Allheart Redwood

  ah-unstn-2.jpg ah-lt-stn-2.jpg ah-clsc-mah-2.jpg ah-drk-wlnt-2.jpg ah-mdnt-blk-2.jpg
  unstained light danish classic mahogany dark walnut midnight black

Premium Redwood

  pr-unstn-2.jpg pr-lt-stn-2.jpg pr-clsc-mah-2.jpg pr-drk-wlnt-2.jpg pr-midnt-blk-2.jpg
  unstained light danish classic mahogany dark walnut midnight black


Products Priced for Every Budget

We truly offer wine rack options for every budget. From small, already assembled starter kits, to mid sized DIY wine rack kit options, to full customized cellars, just simply peruse our online offerings or reach out to us with your ideal budget and area dimensions, and we are certain we can find something to suit you.

Small, Pre-Assembled Wine Racks
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Vintner Tasting Center
DIY Wine Racks & Wine Tasting Centers
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Custom Wine Cellars
Custom Designed Wine Cellars
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Factory Certified Installation Services

We have our own in house, factory direct installation team available to install our wine cellars internationally. We have installed our products all over the globe.

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Factory Certified Installation


HVAC Certified Wine Refrigeration Unit Manufacturing

WineZone RefrigerationWe host our own in house refrigeration department, and are the only wine racking manufacturer to also manufacture our own unique line of HVAC certified wine cooling units. In addition to carrying many through the wall wine cooling units available on the market today, we carry our own lines of WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration Units, as well as WineZone Ducted Air Handler Units.

WZ Ductless Split System Diagram
Air Handler Ducted Refrigeration System Diagram for a Wine Cellar
WZ Ductless Split System Diagram
Ductless Split Refrigeration System Diagram for a Wine Cellar