Wooden Wall Wine Racks & Metal Wall Wine Rack Ideas

That wall space in your home or business can definitely be put to good use with our Wall Mounted Wine Racks. These fantastic space-saving units are designed to be mounted or attached to your walls and transform them into unique storage for your wine bottles. Imagine the many interesting designs you can come up with using a metal wall mounted wine rack, wall wine cabinet, or small wall wine rack while providing proper storage for your collection.

You can choose to showcase your bottles in either the traditional cork-forward format or be a little more on the contemporary side with the label-forward format. You can also mix and match wood and metal racking elements since our Wall Wine Racks series offer wood materials such as with the Curvy Cubes. And don't forget - stemware storage can also be accommodated! Have tons of fun coming up with your personal style with the bevy of stains, finishes and color options. This is space-efficiency in its most stylish!

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    Revue Wall Series VintageView Wall Series  
  Construction Single Piece of Solid Metal Wired Arms with Soldered Channels  
  Country of Manufacture Made in USA Made in China  
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  4ft black 3 bottle deep price $128.00          - Save $30    $158.00  
  3ft black 3 bottle deep price $107.06 $130.00  
  2ft black 3 bottle deep price $70.82 $86.00  
  1ft black 3 bottle deep price $36.24 $44.00  
  Earthquake Resistant Yes n/a  
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  • Label Forward Storage.
  • Contemporary Design.
  • Wall Mounted, Evolution, and Island Display Racks.

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  • Space-saving wall-mounted design.
  • Premium furniture-grade wood veneer & piano lacquer panels.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum, suitable for home & commercial use.
  • Mix & match to make your own unique creation!
  • Easy to assemble & install on any drywall surface.


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  • Showcase your collection with Label-Out and Cork-Out Storage
  • Modern Design
  • Wall Mounted, Panel and Peg Designs

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