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Vintner Series Wine Rack - Individual Bottle Wine Rack - 2 Columns

3 and 4 Ft stackable racks so versatile you can stack them 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 Feet High

NOTE: Center Seam Trim As Pictured For Select 6Ft, 7Ft, 8Ft, & 9Ft Racks Is Not Included and Should Be Purchased Additionally - To Purchase Center Seam Trim Click Here
Straight Trim
Curved Trim
Step 1: Choose Height
Step 2: Choose Wood
Step 3: Choose Stain
Step 4: Choose Finish

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Specifications & Assembly Manuals

3 Ft Rack height - 35 15/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 18
4 Ft Rack height - 47 3/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 24
6 Ft Rack height - 72 9/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 36
7 Ft Rack height - 83 13/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 42
8 Ft Rack height - 95 1/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 48
9 Ft Rack height - 109 3/16" width - 9 11/16" depth - 13 1/2" bottle capacity - 54
1 Column 3ft individual line drawing
1 Column 4ft individual line drawing
Floor Plan Template Download
Installation Services
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Bottle Typical Bottle Diameter Does it Fit in this Rack?
Split/Half 375ml 2-3/8"
Bordeaux 2-15/16" yes
Burgundy 3-1/4" yes
Small Champagne 3-3/8" yes
Pinot Noir up to 3-3/8" yes
Turley up to 3-9/16" yes
Large Champagne 3-3/4"  
Magnum Bordeaux 1.5L 3-15/16"  
Magnum Champagne 1.5L 4-3/8"  
Double Magnum 3L 5-1/8"  

*Please note that due to the size of these formats, when storing any combination of these 3 bottle types in this wine rack one on top of another that the bottles may touch. Please exercise caution upon removing these bottles from the racking by lifting the upper bottle to safely remove the lower one.


Each wine bottle stored on this two column individual bottle wine rack is cradled on customized rails that are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. moved. Purchase two to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage. Moldings and platforms sold separately. Assembly required.
  • Versatile wine racking
  • Can accommodate just about any ceiling height
  • Custom, organized look at affordable prices
  • Many racking styles and display options
  • Made in the USA

BASE PLATFORMS - vin-base-thumb.jpgUtilize this platform specifically designed and engineered to elevate each wine rack kit. You must also purchase this special platform in order to use the 5 1/4" base molding package. This platform can support one wine rack, or two stacked. The platform is 3 13/16" High, and will allow you to maximize the rack height in any room. Please note: If you order the platform stained, only the top will be stained, as majority of customers will be attaching base molding to the front of the platform. If you would like the front or the side of the platform to be stained, you should order a half pint of stain from us to touch it up. Please call to order stain. Additional cost applies.  Platforms are available for purchase here.

Stacking & Center Trim - Our stackable Vintner/WMK line is sold in 3 and 4 foot sizes, which makes stacking up to your ceiling height a breeze. When ordering 6, 7, 8, or 9 foot heights, you will be sent multiple 3 & 4 foot racks to assemble and stack yourself. Be sure to watch our assembly videos for the best way to put them together. When stacking to a greater heights, you may wish to purchase center trim, which will cover the space where the specific racks meet.
  • 6 Foot Racking = Two 3 foot racks
  • 7 Foot Racking = One 3 foot rack, and one 4 foot rack
  • 8 Foot Racking = Two 4 foot racks
  • 9 Foot Racking = Three 3 foot racks

Spacer Bar upgradeSpacer Bars:
Spacer bars are sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. Assembly can be done either by hand with the nails provided or by utilizing a brad nailer for faster assembly. If you would prefer to assemble your rack with screws you will need to predrill and countersink the holes to ensure you do not split the material.

Bottom Rail upgradeBottom Rail: All the racks in this Series have a 1 7/16" square cut bottom rail. With these rails, your bottles are stored securely above the floor level so they do not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor. In addition, the base molding supplied with this Series is 1 7/16" high and can be applied directly to the front of this rail.


Vintner Series Wine Rack - Individual Bottle Wine Rack - 2 Columns
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  • 5 stars
    We really appreciate them, they are working out great.
    5 stars
    I went with the 6ft version along with a rectangular bin in Premium Redwood instead of Pine. I didn't have a nail gun but it was a enjoyable process putting it together. I love how it looks and am happy with it.
    5 stars
    This was probably my fourth and final addition. In all cases, I pre-drilled nail holes, use wood glue at all contact points, and assembled. I have a downslope or “walk out” two level home, so the stairway to lower level is backed by a poured concrete retaining wall, which has the affect of keeping temperature level under stairs.
    5 stars
    I like the quality of the materials, the assembly and installation was the challenging part. Being that this is a small basement area, not highly visible and I'm not a carpenter; I'm satisfied with this DYI project. I do plan to expand further out with more rack in the future and will be back in touch for that.
    5 stars
    I'm very happy with the Vintner wine racks. Super awesome. The racking went together really easy. Yes, I did use a nail gun on them and it was fast. I assembled them all in one day.
    4 stars
    Delivery of the racking was timely and easy. The assembly was helped with the nail gun,although I felt the directions were not as clear as I would have liked them to be. Online instructional videos were so helpful. When you realized how it all goes together, the process works quickly. I did feel like the stain was uneven so I applied another coat on the entire rack after I finished it. After doing that, it gave it a nice, even finish. We were very happy with the results once all is said and done.
    5 stars
    I want to say how very happy and satisfied with all the efforts of Jordan Newman with Wine Cellar Innovations. He made my design so easy and it fit perfect and looked fantastic. We ended up having our contractor install everything and he said it was fine and seamless. The cooling system is very consistent and reliable with a 55 degrees for our red wine collection. I actually thought the design process went easier than I imagined it would have been with Jordan. If you are looking to install an amazing wine room, call Jordan and work with Wine Cellar Innovations. Thank you very much for your follow up and for the amazing customer service during the project.
    5 stars
    We are happy to report, we had a great experience from start to finish. Krista was awesome-- whenever we wanted a design change, she would get it back to us quickly. We did question shipping charges, she was working hard for us and provided what we needed. The initial order was pre-stained racks and we thought we could find our door with another, more affordable company. We asked Krista for a stain sample so the door folks could match it and within a day it arrived at our doorstep-- happy with that service! We thought it would take a day to install, not sure why we thought that but after it all ended, five days later we were happy with how it turned out.
    5 stars
    I purchased a few of the Vintner series wine racks for a 6' x 13' x 7' wine cellar. I had their 3' and 4' stackable units (which was a combination of the individual bottle and diamond bins which included a display shelf and an arched center) to store over 1,100 wine bottles. The racking went together very easily and I think they look great. I purchased them all in prime mahogany wood with added a dark walnut stain finish. They are very elegant looking. Whenever someone sees the cellar they say "WOW". Thanks for making a terrific wine racking system with your Vintner line. Very good looking and extremely functional.
    4 stars
    Our wine cellar was made with a thermal door that opens up to this tasting area with a bar. It's just one larger project that is part of an overall change to the basement. It was exciting getting everything ready for it but it took about four months and is finally coming to an end by cleaning things up and adding furniture/ We've had so many people involved in the process like tilers, masons, framing and carpentry, and even an electrician for the lighting work. I definitely had some things to give as feedback as the project arrived with 33 different boxes which was right in the middle of my huge project. So we had to have a plan and that took time and effort with your business to figure it out. So I would have been happier if I had a plan on what was in the boxes. My electrician had the LED lights and tape for the display rows so I had to order more wood trim from you to hid that, and then I didn't know how to install it. So that took a little re-work. It all worked out in the end, and yes, I really would recommend the racking to everyone else.
    5 stars
    We were happy with how the products arrived in such a timely fashion and since we were on deadline, well, we got right to it. In my large garage, I created a workbench by putting some plywood over two sawhorses, so this made it super easy to put together the racking. At first, I found the instructions slightly confusing and light on details but once I slowed down and re-read them, and inventoried my boxes, this made everything much more clear and easy to follow. Once I got that out of the way, putting them together was very simple. Using the brad-nailer was a no-brainer and that made everything go really fast and kept quality high. After they were built, I walked them over to my house and put them in the closet I was creating. It fit perfectly based off all the dimensions that I gave to the team at Wine Cellar Innovations. Then the trim pieces were added. I'm a happy camper with my purchase.
    5 stars
    We just finished installing our 1850 bottle custom wine room and I had my designer who worked with a designer at your company, and the result was a truly custom cellar with kit pieces. The walnut stained rustic pine products went really well with our stone arches, which also had a tin roof and travertine floor. We added some custom lighting which just completed everything really well. As for shipping, it arrived on time, and after installation, they all fit perfectly. We couldn't be happier!!
    5 stars
    I sent in my preliminary wine cellar design and ended up getting some helpful tips back and we finalized the design after just a few changes. My consultant was very helpful and I used the design and dimensions provided to build it to size and it ended up fitting perfectly. I ordered unfinished redwood and it looks great when paired with the tongue and groove ceiling and the additional cork flooring. Delivery took a few days, as they said it would. I also purchased a split cooling system that looks great mount flush in the ceiling.
    5 stars
    My purchase was made a year ago but I remember the racks were easy to assemble and I really enjoyed the ability to find one of my favorite bottles of wine without going through the boxes in my basement. Once we moved, our new place had a bigger space to dedicate to our wine cellar. So we used our older racks and then created a new design. They worked within my budget so I was happy. If you are worried about future expansion or reconfiguring your wine racks, I'm here to tell you that they will work with you even after the sale, to make sure your investment will age long with those wine bottles. Hats off to Fabian Sanchez, and his design team, for a job well done.
    5 stars
    I am very pleased with my beautiful wine room from Wine Cellar Innovations. It looks professional and gets great compliments. The company representatives were very helpful with design advice and helping me chose the wood and stain. The kit was made to close tolerances and assembled in a couple of days. Assembly instructions were detailed and easy to follow. This is a very professional company and I recommend them highly.


*Please note: All Opaque White stain orders currently have a 6 week lead time
Our Vintner Series Wine Racks are available in several wood types and stain options. Below is a complete list of all the available options. Click the link below to learn more about our wood types and stain options.

Wood Options
Premium Redwood
Grand Mahogany
All-Heart Redwood

Stain Options
Classic Mahogany
Dark Walnut
Midnight Black
Opaque White
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We can generate a custom-designed wine cellar for you with either our modular wine rack kits or our custom products. Our design can be done by budget, bottle capacity, or any other criteria.

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Wine Cellar Innovations uses several shipping methods to ensure that your racking and other purchases arrive to you when you need it, and free from damage. We tie up with several shipping carriers depending on your order size and where we are shipping your order to. Here are just some of the carriers we've been using over the years. The list is not exclusive: Fed Ex, UPS, Roadway Express, Overnite Transportation, Dawes Transportation, ABF, Team Worldwide, & Yellow. You will receive an email confirmation from us once your order has shipped from our facility advising you of the carrier and the tracking information, so you can plan for your delivery accordingly.
For larger orders or custom wine cellars, please scroll through the following additional information:
Maximum Protection of Your Order
Our custom cellars are boxed in corrugated with corner protectors, then stacked and shrink wrapped onto skids.  The skids contain plywood aprons around the perimeter as shown to minimize damage from fork lifts while being moved around shipping terminals and on/off the trucks.  The vast majority of custom cellars ship via common carrier.
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Customer pickup
The customer is contacted only when the product is completed and ready for pick-up. The customer will then contact their design consultant with the date they will be arriving for pick up. For your convenience, our pick up date and times are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Please be advised that the afternoon pickup may be at the same time as large carriers are being loaded and delays in loading your product may occur. If the product needs to be loaded on a skid, please contact us prior to your pick-up date.
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