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Traditional Series 3 Column Wine Rack

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Specifications & Assembly Manuals

Specs height - 72" width - 14-3/16" depth - 8-3/4" bottle capacity - 63
line drawing

shallow depth racking

Floor Plan Template Download

Purchase our DIY Installation Assembly Kit

Bottle Typical Bottle Diameter Does it Fit in this Rack?
Split/Half 375ml 2-3/8"
Bordeaux 2-15/16" yes
Burgundy 3-1/4" yes
Small Champagne 3-3/8" yes
Pinot Noir up to 3-3/8" yes
Turley up to 3-9/16" yes
Large Champagne 3-3/4"  
Magnum Bordeaux 1.5L 3-15/16"  
Magnum Champagne 1.5L 4-3/8"  
Double Magnum 3L 5-1/8"  

*Please note that due to the size of these formats, when storing any combination of these 3 bottle types in this wine rack one on top of another that the bottles may touch. Please exercise caution upon removing these bottles from the racking by lifting the upper bottle to safely remove the lower one.


The Traditional Series 3 Column Individual Bottle wine rack is 21 rows high and stores 63 wine bottles with 3 bottles on top. Assembly required.
  • Affordable Wine Racks
  • Easy to assemble kits
  • Mix and match components
  • Made in the USA

Stacking & Center Trim - Our stackable Vintner/WMK line is sold in 3 and 4 foot sizes, which makes stacking up to your ceiling height a breeze. When ordering 6, 7, 8, or 9 foot heights, you will be sent multiple 3 & 4 foot racks to assemble and stack yourself. Be sure to watch our assembly videos for the best way to put them together. When stacking to a greater heights, you may wish to purchase center trim, which will cover the space where the specific racks meet.
  • 6 Foot Racking = Two 3 foot racks
  • 7 Foot Racking = One 3 foot rack, and one 4 foot rack
  • 8 Foot Racking = Two 4 foot racks
  • 9 Foot Racking = Three 3 foot racks

Spacer Bar upgradeSpacer Bars:
Spacer bars are sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. You can assemble the rack with the nails provided, or you can utilize a brad nailer for faster assembly. If you would prefer to assemble your rack with screws you will need to predrill and countersink the holes to ensure you do not split the material.


Bottom Rail upgradeBottom Rail: All the racks in this Series have a 1 7/16" square cut bottom rail. This allows the bottles to be securely held above the floor level so the bottle does not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor. In addition, the base molding supplied with this Series is 1 7/16" high and can be applied directly to the front of this rail.


Traditional Series 3 Column Wine Rack
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  • 2 stars
    With a nail gun, the assembly is fairly easy although not for the beginner. The racks themselves although sturdy, are not so nice. They have boards that are used to stabilize the unit that prevents many bottles from laying properly. As a result, some of the spaces are not as usable as the others. I would not recommend this level of the unit. {Michael, please send us photos so we can help diagnose any problems but as referenced in our bottle chart above, some Pinot Noir's & Turley's will not fit perfectly around the spacer bars in the Traditional Short Depth Racks. For a better fit, please see our Designer Series - Thanks, Customer Service}
    5 stars
    We love our new wine racks and tasting table!! After ordering and assembling everything we originally thought we would need, we decided that another 120 bottles of capacity would be a good idea, so we ordered two more racks to lay across the top. Delivery worked out great - the rack kits arrived fairly quickly and completely undamaged. Assembly was pretty easy using the compressor and nail gun you provided free of charge with my initial (and rather large) order. However, I thought that the assembly instructions could have been a little more descriptive regarding the assembly differences between the front and back sides of the racks. I did not do the first two racks exactly right, but figured it out after that and everything else proceeded smoothly. And the mistake I made did not really cause any issues. I don't think we are likely to need more racks in the future, but if we did then Wine Cellar Innovations is the only place I would consider buying them. I should also note that we were equally delighted with Tiffany Hernandez as we are with the racks!
    5 stars
    Perfect for my needs. The wine racks arrived in great condition. I tried using my nail gun, but the largest nails it would hold were not long enough to hold the wine rack together. I ended up using a traditional hammer, and with another person holding the pieces while I hammered, it went together with no problems at all. I recently started collecting wines and didn't have a place to store them, other than my kitchen counter. I do have a very small closet area in my basement that won't hold much more than brooms, so I bought the wine rack to fit into that small space and it worked perfectly! Now I can store my wine collection in the basement where it is cool and make efficient use of a very small space that was otherwise not utilized.
    3 stars
    I initially was going to give this a 1 star as the instructions are cryptic and do not seem clear, but customer service reached out to me with links to their online videos that make understanding the assembly much easier, so I will average that and give it 3 stars.
    5 stars
    Beautiful products, solid company! We are very pleased!!! I designed the racks using their website. WC has many variations and plenty of options to fit any space. The dimensions were easy to find and very clear - so I was able to fill my available space perfectly. I ordered online and the shipment was very timely. Everything arrived in good order. Assembly and installation was easy - even though I elected to pre-drill and screw the pieces vs using the nails provided. The result is beautiful - a great addition to our home - and, again, we are very pleased!!!
    5 stars
    The racks came out beautiful. I had a professional install them with a nail gun.
    5 stars
    I was very satisfied with your product overall. The pricing was good. The only thing that didn’t work well for me stemmed from the fact that I bought seconds for some of my other racks. The spacing turned out to be different on some of the units I chose. That became apparent when I went to install the racks. I did use brass wood screws.
    5 stars
    Everything arrived in great shape. I assembled by predrilling and countersinking for #6 x 1.5" wood screws. Took me all of 45 minutes to as assemble. I am very pleased.


Our Traditional Series Wine Racks are available in Pine and Traditional Redwood and several stain options. Below is a complete list of all the available options. Click the link below to learn more about our wood types and stain options.
Stain Options
Classic Mahogany
Dark Walnut
Midnight Black
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Free Design Services

Do you have a room or a designated space that you would like to transform into a wine cellar, wine storage area, or wine room?

Click design request, & share your room dimensions with us, along with some other valuable information pertaining to your wine storage needs, and we will provide you with a wine storage plan layout free of charge.

We can design a room or area for you with either our modular kit wine racks, or our custom products. We can design by budget, bottle capacity, or any other criteria.

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Shipping Methods
Wine Cellar Innovations uses various shipping methods to ensure that your racking and other purchases arrive to you when you need it, and free from damage. We utlize several different shipping carriers depending on your order size and where we are shipping your order to. Some of the carriers we choose to use are as follows, but not limited : Fed Ex, UPS, Roadway Express, Overnite Transportation, Dawes Transportation, ABF, Team Worldwide, & Yellow. You will recieve an email confirmation from us once your order has shippied from our facility advising you of the carrier and the tracking information, so you can plan for your delivery accordingly.
The following is for reference of larger orders or custom wine cellars:
Maximum Protection of Your Order
Our custom cellars are boxed in corrugated with corner protectors, then stacked and shrink wrapped onto skids.  The skids contain plywood aprons around the perimeter as shown to minimize damage from fork lifts while being moved around shipping terminals and on/off the trucks.  The vast majority of custom cellars ship via common carrier.
Basic Delivery
Means we ship via a 53' foot semi-trailer that will arrive at your residence and the driver will open the back of the truck and step aside for the assigned party on your end to unload it.  If the basic service does not fit your needs we also have a host of additional services listed below that you can choose from for an additional cost.
Customer pickup
Means that the client will be contacted when their product is completed. Customer will then contact their design consultant with the date they will be arriving for pick up.  Pick up date and times are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  Please be advised that the afternoon pickup may be at the same time as large carriers are being loaded and delays in loading your product may occur.  We will need to be notified if the product will be loaded on a skid.
Third party shipping
Means the customer has their own shipping company and is going to arrange for delivery of the product to their final destination at their expense.  Wine Cellar Innovations will need a completely filled out Bill of Lading at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up date of the product.  Product will be loaded on skids and customer will be charged a skid fee by Wine Cellar Innovations for each skid required to package your order.  Client will be notified when their order is complete and ready for pick up.  Pick up date and times are Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.
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Gated community
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Two man delivery service
Will be checked by Wine Cellar Innovations if we are shipping product this in excess of 70 pounds per box or if you have requested delivery of your product inside your home to a location other than the first room pass the threshold of your residence or place of business.
Turn Key Quote 

A Turn Key quote will be required if delivery is to be made to the following :                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Condo
  • High rise
  • Any residential area where trucking companies must use asn elevator     
  • If the customer wants delivery past the threshold & inside the residence                 
  • If the drop off location is not directly off of the driveway or if the driveway is inaccessible.


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