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Types of Wine Coolers: Modern Wine Fridge & Wine Cooling Systems

When we say having a "wine cooler" in your wine cellar, what immediately comes into your mind? Is it a "refrigerator" type device that pops up or is it one of those "air-conditioning" type units? Well, it can indeed get a tad confusing distinguishing one from the other, especially when most people just use the term to casually refer to other. But no worries because that's what we're here at WCI for! We go over several types of wine coolers including what a modern wine fridge is, modern wine refrigerators, or just refrigeration cooling units.

So which is which?

Wine Coolers There are basically two main types of wine coolers: a wine refrigerator cooler that chills your wines in a unit and a wine cooling unit that cools an entire room down. A wine refrigerator cooler is more or less similar to our "fridge" if you think about it because it's basically a "chiller" for your wine bottles. In other words, you actually store your bottles INSIDE the unit to keep them in the best of taste conditions.

Now let's compare this to a "wine cooler" that is installed in your wine cellar or room to ensure that the ideal storage conditions are maintained 24/7. This is not a "storage" but rather a "wine refrigeration system" that maintain a temperature range of 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity in your wine cellars. Note that these conditions have become the standard for modern wine cellars as these were the existing conditions in the underground caves of Europe where wine storage originated.

Moreover, wine refrigeration systems are classified into three major types and it's your responsibility as a wine cellar owner to determine which one best suits your storage needs. First we have the Through-The-Wall units which are essentially air conditioning units that are mounted literally "through the wall." These systems are most appropriate for smaller cellars such as "entry level" wine cellars as they have a limited cooling capacity. You do not need an HVAC technician to install this type of unit as this can be a DIY project.

The second kind of wine refrigeration system is what is known as "Ductless Units." Per their namesake, ductless systems are connected by small cables and a refrigerant line to an indoor or outdoor condenser with a wine cellar unit to cool your cellar. One of the pros of using this unit is the ability to remotely locate the condenser either indoors or outdoors. However, keep in mind that an HVAC technician is required to install this type of unit.

The third and last type are the "Ducted Units." What distinguishes these units is the supply and return air that is being "ducted" to and from the wine cellar. This wine refrigeration unit looks like a central air-conditioning system and is just as quiet. You can also remotely locate the condenser indoors or outdoors and best of all, the system does not take up your bottle storage space in your wine cellar. An HVAC technician may be required to install some types of units under this classification, but others can be done DIY.

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