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Wine Cellar Cork Flooring

Enhance your wine cellar with the natural beauty of cork flooring. Cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource.

Create a cork floor with our tongue and groove CLIC floating floor for commercial and residential applications. Lead Time - 2 weeks

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Pedras - Cork Flooring
Roca - Cork Flooring
Style of cork
Retail Cost per carton (17.6 sq. ft.)
Roca Matte
Pedras Matte
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CORK tongue and groove CLIC floating floor for commercial and residential applications.
Roca, Cuero & Pedras 35 13/16" x 11 13/16" x 13/32" (2.7mm - 7/64" wear layer)
Top Layer:
High density cork wear layer, with densities of 28 pounds per cubic feet. A higher density wears better, dents less and will remain more stable after installation.
Middle Layer:
6mm (1/4") exterior grade fiberboard does not contain any added formaldehyde and offers higher resistance to moisture.
Bottom Layer:
3mm (1/8") cork underlayment.
5 coats UV-cured acrylic finish, specially formulated to flex with the cork under pressure.
None added.
Glueless locking, Unilin CLIC system, Floating floor is offered with the latest technological advancements to optimize the performance of the installation. For installation in basements it is recommended that you install the floating floor over a moisture barrier 6 mil film of polyethylene.
Regular maintenance requires only routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid build up of abrasive particles. Spills should be cleaned up right away. Use only cleaners specified for use on pre-finished hardwood available from your local retailer or home center. Wet maintenance is entirely forbidden. Well maintained cork flooring will last for decades of enjoyment.
Lead time:
1-2 weeks after sign off. Drop shipped directly to customer. Inside delivery is not available.
The cork and accessory products for installation are drop shipped to the customer. Once all cork orders are finalized, they may not be returned.

OUR Cork Flooring FEATURES:

"JointShield™" - a moisture protection system applied at production to the edges of the floor panels. With "JointShield™" technology, your cork floor will wear better in spite of possible spills and frequent mopping. Permanent protection is done by the factory application of a moisture-repellent agent (paraffin-oil based) to the entire cross-section of the profile. The edges of cork floor panels become completely sealed and watertight.

Microban® & Insect Repellent- Anti-microbal and is resistant to mold and mildew. Subherin, an inherent substance of cork is a natural insect repellent which will even keep the termites away.

Wear Top - Wear Enhancing Abrasion Resistance Finish will increase wear and scratch resistance while not compromising flexibility. This finish also meets European Environmental regulations.

Fire Resistant - Cork is a fire inhibitor that does not spread flame. Cork will not produce toxic gases on combustion.

Thermally and Acoustically Insulated - Cork contains over 100 million prism- shaped cells per cubic inch. These air filled cells allow cork to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Resilience - The inherent resiliency of cork provides a comfortable cushion that is gentle on feet, back & joints.




Lead time is 2 weeks. The cork and accessory products for installation are drop shipped to the customer and inside delivery is not available.




Cellar Art "Flooring" includes Cork, Painted Tile, Mosaic, Vintage Wine Barrel, and Inlaid Hardwood. All Cellar Art Flooring options, except for Cork, are manufactured per customer for their specific usage. As a result of the custom nature of these products, these items cannot be placed back into inventory to be used for another customer. Therefore, there is no return of Cellar Art Flooring (except for Cork) for any reason. Once the Purchase Agreement is signed your order will be placed into production. If your flooring needs to be modified after the agreement is signed you will be charged a redesign fee, an artist's labor fee, if applicable, plus the cost of any materials that have been used in the production of the flooring. If you would like to cancel your order before it is shipped, you will only be refunded the amount after the design fee, labor fees, and any materials that have already been used for your flooring have been subtracted from your original payment. In the event that the amount of used materials and labor fees exceed the deposit on hand, the Purchaser agrees to pay Wine Cellar Innovations the remainder due to cover the costs of labor and said materials. Purchaser will have the option to have the finished materials they are being charged for shipped to the address of their choice at their expense or simply request Wine Cellar Innovations to discard material for no additional charge to Purchaser. Cork Flooring orders can be returned or exchanged if the reason for the return was a processing error onWine Cellar Innovations's part, such as the wrong item was sent or the item was damaged or defective upon receipt. The client has 4 weeks from the date that the order is received to inspect the Cork for damages. At that time, the order can be exchanged for the same cork floor color and material as was on the original order and signoff, at no additional charge. If, after 4 weeks, you need to exchange the flooring due to a processing error on Wine Cellar Innovations's part or the item was damaged or defective upon receipt, you may do so, however the order will be subject to shipping both ways. If you choose to return the cork floor rather than exchange it, you may do so within 4 weeks of the order receipt, however the order will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. The customer may contact Wine Cellar Innovations to initiate the return process. All refunds will be paid by Wine Cellar Innovations to the customer. Wine Cellar Innovations will refund customer in the amount of the total item price minus a 15% restocking fee. The customer must acquire a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from Wine Cellar Innovations in order for the product to be returned. If the product is being exchanged due to damage or incorrect product being sent in error by Wine Cellar Innovations, Wine Cellar Innovations will provide a call tag for return at no charge to the customer. The customer has 6 business days to activate this call tag. If it is not activated by the 7th business day the customer will be charged the full amount of the product plus shipping. If the customer is willing to wait for the replacement until the product is returned this rule does not apply and the customer will not be charged for shipping. Should customer inadvertently order an incorrect item, they will be responsible for the replacement cost plus shipping. Upon receipt of the return, Wine Cellar Innovations will refund the customer the cost of the incorrect items, minus the 15% restocking fee and any additional return shipping cost paid by Wine Cellar Innovations.


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