Wine Cellar Ceilings

Wine cellar ceilings play a significant role when it comes to maintaining ideal storage conditions a wine cellar. This is a fact! Even with the right wine cooling system, it's also a must to make sure that other details in the structural make-up of your wine cellar measure up as well - like wine cellar ceilings. Also, you'll be surprised to learn that these ceilings can bring a lot of aesthetic value to your wine cellar. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have a healthy selection of custom ceilings to really add to your wine cellar's "wow" factor while keeping your collection in tip-top storage condition.

Raised Panel

Raised Panel Ceiling
Pictured to the left, we have the Raised Panel Ceilings. The straightforward and clean style is perfect with any wine cellar theme. This design is definitely one of the more popular ceiling ones because it really opens up a wine room to give it a more spacious and airy feel. The simple square or rectangular panels in the ceiling give it an understated elegance and can work well with any other accents in your wine cellar. The simplicity of the design also emphasizes the excellent craftsmanship. Moreover, curved raised panels can also be customized cases where the wine racking arrangement incorporates curved corner racks. Here's a fun tip: you can add a twist to your paneled ceiling by using wood case ends to create a decorative and unique soffit!

Raised Panel no Soffit

Raised Panel Ceiling
Here is another version of the Raised Panel Ceilings. As we mentioned, Raised Panels are the square or rectangular panels in the ceiling while the ceiling grid pieces are the long pieces of wood that are used in between them. With a soffit crown as illustrated in the previous example, a flowing transition is created from the raised panel ceiling into the soffit. But if you want to give your ceiling design a certain edgy appearance, you can also opt to go with a no soffit option. As you can see here, the panels are more defined and showcase a lot more depth. This ceiling style works really well with recessed lighting elements. It also adds a lot of character to your wine cellar while maintaining a clean and classy look.

Raised Panel with Light Boxes

Raised Panel Ceiling
This is one of the fancier styles for a Raised Panel ceiling design. The Light Boxes add a nice, dramatic touch while properly illuminating your wine cellar. It comes recommended for bigger wine cellar projects with higher ceiling heights. These boxes protrude and would most likely overwhelm smaller spaces. Note that a Coffered Ceiling in combination with the Light Boxes can really help accentuate this ceiling design as well. We also recommend that the ceiling should be painted, finished or stained in neutral shades in order to create the right background for the lights. This would allow the reflection from the lights to be more enhanced and give the wine room a warm and open feel.

Etched Light Box

Ceiling Etched Light Box
Next up we have the Etched Lightbox Ceiling. This elegant ornate lightbox ceiling is constructed from durable All-Heart Redwood and quality glass, making it second to none when it comes to quality. But the real plus factor here is that it comes etched with our own standard design or with the image the client chooses. In other words, the sky's the limit in customizing your ceiling with the design you desire. Note that the ceiling is generally painted with a plain white color to set the proper backdrop for the reflecting lights. Also, fluorescent slimites are used to set off the detailed etchings.

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Large Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove Ceiling
Premium redwood tongue and groove paneling provides the perfect covering for the ceiling of any wine cellar. The natural color variation from white to red of the premium redwood offers a pleasant contrast to the consistent color of all-heart racking. The paneling comes in 3/8" thick by 1 5/16" wide pieces or 21/32" thick by 5 1/8" wide pieces and ships in random lengths from 32" to 80" pieces. Add a twist to your paneled ceiling by using wood case ends to create a decorative and unique soffit.

Small Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove Ceiling
Another Tongue and Groove variation for your ceilings would be the Small Tongue and Groove . It is also crafted from beautiful Premium Redwood and can give your wine room a very unique look. The tighter lines provide for a more seamless and natural flow of the material. Note that since Premium Redwood has natural whitish to reddish brown hues and a more or less uniform grain pattern, you can choose to go with an unstained version of this ceiling. But if you also want to make your wine cellar mesh with your home's decor, we have an array of stain and finish options available for the Small Tongue and Groove ceiling as well.

Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling
This wine cellar ceiling style combines the best features of a Raised Panel Ceiling and the Tongue and Groove. As you can see from the illustration, this type of ceiling can really open up a wine room. While it is usually utilized in commercial wine establishments owing to their larger space, you can also make this work in a residential project. In fact, the radiused appearance of the ceiling will create a more open and airy atmosphere. You will also notice that your wine racks and bottles are more enhanced since they do not looked cramped or disorganized. We have quite an inventory of projects, especially in our Tech Tuesday episodes utilizing redwood tongue and groove Raised Panel Ceilings.


Coffered Ceiling
Last but not the least, we have the Coffered Ceilings. Now this style is just super classy. If you want to add a touch of fancy to your wine cellar, this is the type of ceiling to go for. It will certainly work well with wine cellars that love to display wine cellar art pieces, particularly those with stained glass elements. With the Coffered Ceilings, you can see visible "boxes" which are illuminated by strategically installed recessed lighting. It's a design with so much character and flair but can be applied to both traditional and contemporary wine cellar projects.