COVID-19 Update

Dear Wine Cellar Innovations Customers,

We are monitoring the developments and recommendations issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help prevent the spread of this virus. The well being and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority.

Wine Cellar Innovations is ideally suited to weather the storm of the coronavirus. The majority of our designers, sales reps, and other office staff are currently working remotely. Those still in the office are mostly in their own office or separated more than 6 feet and are following social distancing even when talking to one another inside the office. 

We have a 354,000 square foot manufacturing facility and much of our production is automated so one employee is on the input side and one is on the output side, which is more than 6 feet away from each other. Lunchtimes and breaks are being rotated so as to allow employees to stay distant.

Our supply chain is much simpler than many. We manufacture from raw lumber sourced from where it grows and mostly in the US. We turn it into finished products that go out the door to the end customer. This simple supply chain limits disruptions in manufacturing and fulfilling orders. Our experienced employees are cross-trained to be able to switch to two and as many as eight different jobs. This cross-training permits us to fill gaps where production needs to be amplified and when someone is on vacation or otherwise not at work. We value our employees and have a very low turnover because of it.

Please stay safe.

Jim Deckebach
CEO and owner
Wine Cellar Innovations