Residential Testimonials

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Pam & Scott Drew
We LOVE our wine cellar.  We renovated a 1926 basement into a wine cave and it was really a seamless process thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations. The only problem is that we never want to leave the basement. The design and sales team was great with their communication of details and the installer had the skill of a surgeon.


George and Michelle Dobbel
"To whom it may concern:

Your company designed and build the racks for our Wine Cellar through Wine Enthuiast late last year. It took us a while to complete the job and now we are done. We are thrilled with the quality and look of the racks. We used heart redwood with the dark stain. I couldn't believe how many boxes arrived when they were delivered and only one part was missing; to my surprise, the part (a wood trip piece) was made, stained and Federal Expressed to me within a few days directly from your location; terriffic customer service!

Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Enjoy the pictures, you were a big part of making it happen."

George and Michelle Dobbel


Jason Morgan - Lawrenceburg, Indiana
"I just wanted to thank you for the top-level service and product that I received from you. I especially appreciate you working with me the way that needed. I think because I wanted to design my wine cellar myself, many vendors ran the other way. Only one other company contacted me back after my initial inquiries via email. It was also very nice of you to offer me a tour of the facility so that I could see first-hand how the materials are processed into the beautiful racks I now own. It's a pleasure to see such organization and craftsmanship go into your process and product. Your redwood wine racks came in at nearly half as much as the comparable pine product of another vendor. All I can say is thanks, and I look forward to doing business again. "


Alan Statman - Cincinnati, OH
"I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I was with the turnkey service that I received from your company. Rebecca Rader of your design team was most helpful in creating a racking layout that matched perfectly with my wine collection needs. The 3D color design service made it easy to envision my completed cellar before the first board was cut. This color design sold me on some of the extras such as the raised panel ceiling and cellar art. These elements became key in creating the stunning wine environment that I proudly show to my friends and fellow collectors. Christy Lukemire worked with me to customize my fresco tile mural and hand painted floor tile to incorporate my own personal style. The air handler system produced by Wine Cellar Innovations creates the essential environment for maturing my fine wines. Your installation team treated my cellar as if it were their very own by providing highly detailed craftsmanship in a very timely manner. Business Week Magazine recently did a feature article on one of my wine cellars in their 'Lifestyles' section. I take great pride in my wine collection and my wine cellars. I have purchased 3 wine cellars with your company to date and with each new cellar I continue to be more impressed with the quality of your products and services. I will continue to recommend your company to all of my friends. Thank you for a job well done."


Ken & Nancy St. Clair - Oak Brook, Illinois
"We really want to thank all of you for everything you have done in connection with the cellar you made and installed for us. Just moving in today and have already had so many compliments. It’s just beautiful! (I think it is the best room in the house). A big 'Special' Thank You to Mike. What an installer! The job is done just perfect; he is such a perfectionist, and a nice person to-bout. If you should ever want to take pictures you are more than welcome or if you would ever need a recommendation, we would be more than happy to talk with anyone about the wonderful job you have done. Again, thank all of you, you were the greatest and we are extremely happy with our wine cellar."


D. G. - Miami, Florida
"Please allow me to express my thanks to your company for the excellent service. I experienced during the design and installation of my wine cellar. I would especially like to compliment Steve Kramer who was an invaluable resource and liaison during the entire process." "Your design and sales team were very helpful. They always made themselves available to answer any questions that arose during planning, construction and even after the final product was installed. The on-site consultations with me, my builders and engineers were instrumental in easing the complexity of the whole project and making it such a success." "Almost six months after you installed my cellar, it is still breathtaking to my friends and me. The extra time your designers generously spent with me going over all the many details has paid off handsomely, giving me a room for my collection of which I will always be extremely proud." "Thank you again for your invaluable service and beautifully crafted product. I will be happy to send your referrals to you knowing that they will be satisfied."


Richard Mercurio - Lincroft, New Jersey
"I am writing to let you know what a pleasant experience it has been for me to deal with your company. In addition to offering a quality product, your company should pride itself on exceptional customer service, provided particularly well in my case by Sarah Valentine. From mu initial contact with Wine Cellar Innovations to the completion of the project, Ms. Valentine's service was exemplary. When my initial estimate was over budget she found a way to make it work. She patiently answered my many questions and educated me on an area in which I had no knowledge. She was always available for advice and if she could not answer my questions, she quickly put me in touch with a technical representative who could. I've already referred two friends to your website and specifically to Ms. Valentine and will continue to do so."


Dr. Michael W. Baker - Louisville, Kentucky
"I have been dreaming about a wine cellar for over 10 years. When I got my house my eye was immediately on the basement for a possible wine cellar. I looked into all my options, from building it myself, to hiring a carpenter to do a custom job, to having kit racking, up to having a custom designed wine cellar. Money was a factor. I wanted a beautiful, functional cellar. Our house had a decent sized unfinished space near the furnace. We finally found the man to do the job. Due to his partner quitting he took FOREVER to finish the space, about two months of seeing him almost every day. He was in line to build the cellar, to which my wife replied, 'No way!' There is something to be said for having a job done right and on time. That is why I decided to get my cellar from Wine Cellar Innovations. I looked at all their competitors. To be honest at one point I told Matt, my sales associate, that I wasn't interested. As I told Matt today when we were standing and admiring the beauty of the wine cellar, 'cream rises to the top.' I had a multitude of issues that I had to deal with. I wanted diamond bins, a tasting table, curved corners, but these cost extra. Let me tell you, now that the cellar is in, I am REALLY GLAD I went for the features I wanted. Matt helped a lot with ideas, he came to my house three times to get the final design straightened out. He bent over backwards for my pesky demands, like at the last minute making achange that added more bottle capacity and looks great. He was very patient and accommodated my every need on this job. Listening to Matt throughout this process really helped me in the end. After having so many headaches with my local carpenter I asked matt if he thought it was worth it to have his pro installer team put this cellar in. He said, without a doubt. So I lined up a week about 5 weeks in advance. Like clockwork, i got an e-mail from Trish telling me to expect the shipment (cellar) Friday, and that they would start Monday, as promised. The guys who put this cellar in were unbelievable. We could not believe that they finished this job in three days! There were 30 boxes of wooden parts, lights, racks... they worked practically non-stop, with all kinds of power tools. My wife and I kept remarking how there was NO WAY my carpenter could have done this job. In three days my cellar was completely done. Joe the installer, did a perfect job, and he was there until late evening sanding and putting the finishing touches on the cellar. Matt came by today, and we took pictures which don't do the cellar justice. It has capacity for just over 2000 bottles in a 10 by 12 foot space. Matt convinced me to get the xenon lighting, which looks fantastic, and also the door trim, which I'm really glad about now, because I don't have to wrestle with my local carpenter for days. Bottom line, spend a few extra bucks, listen to Matt's ideas, work with him and the design team, and you will have the cellar of your dreams like I feel I have now. Thanks Matt, Joe and the crew for providing the ultimate cellar for me!"


John Distefano - Southampton, New York
"Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with Mike Berry who installed the wine cellar at the Kramer's new residence in Southampton, NY. Mr. Berry was courteous, efficient and extremely professional, working well with other subcontractors who were on site at the time. We would certainly request him for any future installations. He is a definite plus in promoting your company and line of products."


Kevin Hopper - Cincinnati, Ohio
"I would just like to take a minute and say how much we are loving the wine cellar you designed and provided for us. What a dream it is to walk into it every day and know that our valuable wine is not only being stored correctly, but is shown off in a way that makes all the neighbors jealous! The lit up archway is the focal point of our cellar and really brings it all together. Jack Diener decided this would be a nice touch, and he sure was right. We appreciate his expertise in construction, design and his advice on what would look the best. One feature that gets a lot of attention is our door with the 'Bacchus' etching design. When we have company over, they all ask, 'How did you get that done?' We tell them it was the handiwork of WCI! Again, thanks much for what you've created for us. We look forward to years of enjoyment and use of our cellar, and we will surely refer any and all future business to you exclusively!"


Custom Gold Series
"The racks got finished today. We still need to stain the door a nice dark color and change the hinges to oil rubbed bronze, but everything else is DONE !! My contractor got creative with me, angling the two racks closest to the door to gain some closet, as well as getting creative with the boxes on top so they flow with the rest of the racks. We are extremely pleased !! I am enclosing a shot that shows a row of 7 bottles that do NOT need to be moved…ever…for access to other bottles!! It should hold about 12 cases… Thanks again for everything." Ted N


Gaines wine cellar project
"Thanks again for all of your hard work in the design and installation of the cellar. It's my favorite room in the house! Mike did a great job for us and we have heard that our home may be featured in next year's "Tour of Remodeled Homes" in the Tacoma area. Happy with how it looks! Thanks again." - Don Gaines


Designer Wine Racks
"They arrived promptly upon ordering and in perfect condition. Based on reviews of previous buyers I decided to pre-drill each hole where a nail was to go in so the nail only had to penetrate the rear piece of the two that get connected to one another. This took a little more time but in the end I had no splits and the end product turned out great. Other than that I am completely satisfied. I had a spare closet in my basement which I fashioned into a wine cellar with the use of the curved racks on each end and a straight rack in the center. Having the "display" bottle for each column really makes the whole thing pop."


Claire Mitchell
"Assembly went well and all looks great. The wine room turned out marvelous. I am working on another wine room. I will look forward to working with you again on that project."


Ted N
"The racks got finished today. We still need to stain the door a nice dark color and change the hinges to oil rubbed bronze, but everything else is DONE !! My contractor got creative with me, angling the two racks closest to the door to gain some closet, as well as getting creative with the boxes on top so they flow with the rest of the racks. We are extremely pleased !! I am enclosing a shot that shows a row of 7 bottles that do NOT need to be moved…ever…for access to other bottles!! It should hold about 12 cases… Thanks again for everything." Ted N