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Wine Cellar Wood Stain and Finish Options

Stain is a semi-transparent coverage available for our wood products. Because wood is a natural product, when stained, all grain patterns in the wood will still be apparent. In many cases adding a stain to a wood will enhance the color variations of the wood, or the grain patterns. It is important to note that this is not a defect in the wood, but an attribute enhanced through the staining process.

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Unstained Unstained:
Natural wood without stain or lacquer. Certain unstained woods develop a natural luster over time.
Light Danish Stain Light Danish Stain:
A light golden stain which accentuates the tones and grains of all woods. This stain develops best on lighter-colored woods.
Classic Mahogany Stain Classic Mahogany Stain:
Rich, reddish-brown stain that gives the wood a dramatic finish. It also shows off its natural wood grain and inherent personality.
Dark Walnut Stain Dark Walnut Stain:
Deep golden-brown stain. This stain deepens almost all shades of wood.
Midnight Black Stain Midnight Black Stain:
Jet-black stain. A dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes with a contemporary appeal.
Dusty Weathered Finish Dusty Weathered Finish:
Making your wood achieve a timeworn look, first the wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. This works particularly well with pine, redwood and oak. A custom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues to complete the weathered appearance to the wood.
Dark Weathered Finish Dark Weathered Finish:
Same process as dusty weathered finish above but a darker, more solid color, of topcoat is applied for a more dramatic effect. This finish is unmatched by others and allows each project to be highly unique.
distress-2010-machined-samp.jpg Distressed Finish:
It takes quite a bit of work to achieve this kind of finish, owing to its unique properties. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. Then a dark coats is wiped on to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches to highlight them. Then a medium dark background coat is applied then finished off with a lacquer finish. The end result is something very classic, very “antique” and reminiscent of “old-country.”
Whitewash Finish Whitewash Finish:
The whitewash finish is one of our newer selections and gives a whitish cast to the wood. Whitewash is a versatile finish that complements the clean, open themes of modern décor as well as the seaside appeal of old New England.
Lacquer Finish Lacquer Finish:
Multiple applications of a clear coat sealant with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. Lacquer gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish and an elegant ambience.
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