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Custom Wine Cellars

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This sample custom wine cellar for a 10' by 12' room has been provided to give you an idea about selecting the racking style that best fits your application. The pricing listed as an estimate for the racking pictured. It does not include tax or shipping. We have provided you with a sample floor plan and color rendering so that you can get a good visual understanding of the space as it is priced. Contact Us Today to have a Custom Wine Cellar priced out and designed exclusively for you built to your specifications, or buy this package for a 10' x 12' room application. Please note shipping and handling for this product are extra and will be quoted for you based on your shipping destination. Product requires assembly and installation.
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Rustic Pine UnstainedRustic Pine - Unstained - No Lacquer
price bottle capacity
$3,500 512 bottles

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This custom wine cellar was built from a mixture of our Vintner Series wine racking line along with custom elements to keep the price affordable.

Send in your measurements and get a free design so we can use the same elements and figure out the best setting for your custom wine room.