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Platinum Series Custom Wine Cellar

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This sample platinum series custom wine cellar for a 10' by 12' room has been provided to give you an idea about selecting the racking style that best fits your application. The pricing listed is for all of the racking, wall art, T&G for the walls, Raised Panel ceiling and Cork floor. It does not include tax or shipping. We have provided you with a sample floor plan and color rendering so that you can get a good visual understanding of the space as it is priced. Contact Us Today to have a Platinum Custom Wine Cellar priced out and designed exclusively for you built to your specifications, or buy this package for a 10' x 12' room application. Please note shipping and handling for this product are extra and will be quoted for you based on your shipping destination. Product assembly and installation are required.
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All-Heart Redwood UnstainedAll-Heart Redwood - Unstained - No Lacquer
price per bottle price bottle capacity
$11.22 $16,861.69 1503 bottles

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