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Rustic Pine Wine Racks


Rustic Pine is characterized by its soft creamy color combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. Pine is sought after when a rustic architectural appearance is desired.

Rustic Pine is our best value by price per bottle space because the supply is huge. Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood.
Rustic Pine has a wide variety of grain patterns.

The grain pattern is more pronounced in the dark stained samples than in the natural unfinished sample. The variation gets magnified with the lacquer finish as shown.

Beautiful unstained, Rustic Pine lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes to match your home decor. It is particularly suited for weather finishes where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. Rustic Pine absorbs and retains all types of finishes extremely well.
stain options
PN_UN-2.jpg PN_LS-2.jpg PN_CM-2.jpg PN_DW-2.jpg PN_BLK-2.jpg
unstained light classic mahogany dark walnut midnight black

finish options
PN_UN_LAQ-2.jpg PN_LS_LAQ-2.jpg PN_CM_LAQ-2.jpg PN_DW_LAQ-2.jpg PN_BLK_LAQ-2.jpg
unstained w/ lacquer light w/ lacquer classic mahogany w/ lacquer dark walnut w/ lacquer midnight black w/ lacquer
PN_DIS_Lines-2.jpg PN_WEATH_DUSTY-2.jpg PN_WEATH_DRK-2.jpg PN_WW-2.jpg  
distressed weathered dusty weathered dark whitewash  



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