Residential Wine Cellars & Residential Wine Rooms

custom wine cellar rackingCustom Wine Cellar Racks Put your vision and our wine cellar design and engineering knowledge together to achieve a synthesis ranging from functional simplicity to an aesthetic masterpiece.
custom-wc-design.gifCustom Wine Cellar Design Services Learn more about our design services, including how to get a Free 2D Design and consultation.
residential-wine-th.jpgWine Racks Wine cellar kits are affordably priced. The components range from simple building blocks, which can grow with your collection, to modular systems which are virtually custom in appearance.
how-to-build.jpgHow to Build a Wine Cellar Guidelines on how to properly prepare for residential wine rooms.
Wine-Sentinel-category.jpgRefrigerated Wine Cabinets Ideal for those wanting a self-contained wine storage unit that blends with existing furniture and decor.
Ready to design your own wine cellar with fun wine cellar kits? Let's get started. Designing a wine cellar starts with measurements. We create a 2D wine cellar layout with your wine rack choices on it. Then you browse through the wine cellar room kits and figure out what you like or don't like. It's easy to change the design to figure out exactly what you want in your new wine cellar.