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Wine Cellar Wood Choices

Wood Trees for Wine Cellars
Origin of Materials
The Classic Question…
What is the best wood for my wine cellar?
When a customer makes the decision to purchase a custom wine cellar, they have to select a wood to build it in. There is a wide variation in woods and personal preferences are equally varied.  We offer a broad spectrum of woods in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and finishes to accommodate our customers' tastes, needs and budget.

We have selected
four quality woods that we purchase in quantity and pass the saving onto you. Featured below are wine cellars in each wood that link to more detailed descriptions.  Redwood wine racks are a delight to work with. You have the heart of the wood, Clear All-Heart Redwood, and then Premium Redwood which has an array of colors. Prime Mahogany wine racks have a beautiful durability while selecting Pine for your wine cellar gives you great affordability. There is a fifth option below, which is Your Choice of Wood, because we can work in any wood that is commercially available.
Wine Cellar Wood Choices