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Prime Mahogany Wine Racks


Our Prime Mahogany is a Dark Red Mahogany which has a consistent reddish brown color and is considered one of the premier mahoganies grown in the tropical southeastern portion of Asia. Because of Prime Mahogany’s beautiful color and classic mahogany grain pattern it is used for furniture, high-end interior finishing and cabinet-making. Our Prime Mahogany is heads above the general appellation mahogany like Indonesian and Malaysian mahogany which are less expensive and are a mixture of subspecies with widely different colors and grain patterns mixed together.

Prime Mahogany wine racks are attractive unstained but readily absorbs stain and finishes to match your home décor. Stains and finishes accentuate the beautiful tight grain pattern. There is also no characteristic odor associated with this wood. Using Mahogany for your wine rack makes for a dense hardwood which is resistance to shrinking, warping, checking and is very durability.
Prime Mahogany is an excellent choice for wine cellars. It is resistant to rotting, decay and infestation. Being a high end hardwood, you’d think the wood wine racks are expensive, but guess what? It is moderately price clear hardwood because it is abundant throughout Southeastern Asia.

stain options
prim-mah-un-2.jpg prim-mah-ls-2.jpg prim-mah-cm-2.jpg prim-mah-dw-2.jpg prim-mah-mb-2.jpg
unstained light classic mahogany dark walnut midnight black

finish options
prim-mah-un-laq-2.jpg prim-mah-ls-laq-2.jpg prim-mah-cm-laq-2.jpg prim-mah-dw-laq-2.jpg prim-mah-mb-laq-2.jpg
unstained w/lacquer light w/lacquer classic mahogany w/lacquer dark walnut w/lacquer midnight black w/lacquer
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