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Ultra - XL Wine Peg (2 Bottles)

Pegs sold as set of 2 pegs. 2 pegs required to hold 1 bottle
  • Rubber O-rings keep bottles firmly in place
  • Larger pegs allow one peg to partially support two bottles
  • Scratch- and mar-resistant finish
  • Patented design
  • Nuts and washers included (tools not included)
Item # ULTRA-U107
Price: $23.00SALE $23.00
S&H: $0.00
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Specifications & Assembly Manuals

  • Two (2) Ultra XL Pegs can support one (1) bottle.
    Three (3) Ultra XL Pegs can support 2 bottles.
    Four (4) Ultra XL Pegs can support three bottles, etc., etc.
    Add individual supports as needed to expand your wine display. Remember to start each row with at least two (2) XL Pegs.
  • Colors: brushed aluminum
  • Nuts and washers included (tools not included)
  • Rubber O-rings keep bottles firmly in place
  • Peg diameter: 1 in
  • dimensions: 6 x 14 x 8 in
  • Installation guide


When it comes to maximizing wine bottle storage, the Ultra XL Pegs are second to none. These top quality pegs will allow you to create highly suitable storage space for your collection anywhere in the home or store. The easy-to-install pegs are approximately 1 inch in diameter. They also include recycled rubber O-rings that provide additional stability. Essentially, you are working with single pegs that are thick, strong, and durable. That means you can store even your magnums and other larger-format bottles with no problems at all.

The Ultra XL Pegs were designed to work for both private and commercial collections. The pegs are so versatile that they can be worked into any existing wine cellar racking design. Moreover, you can also arrange these wine bottle pegs on a custom panel of nearly any size. Your collection is meant to be displayed and not just randomly stored on a wine rack. This is exactly what the Ultra XL Pegs can do. Two pegs can support one bottle, three can support two bottles, and so on. Get them in three different finishes: black, chrome, and brushed aluminum.