- Long IslandNorthfork April 2021 - Long Island Wine StorageCreative ways to store, protect and display your Long Island wine by Felicia LaLomia on April 8th, 2021 - Whether you have a 12-bottle rack or a full wine cellar, plan to age the bottles for decades or want to drink it tonight, the way you store your wine can have lasting effects on its taste. We asked Brian Dickson, manager at Vintage Mattituck wine store, the rules for taking the best care of your collection.


Those would be oxygen, heat and light. Oxygen can help to open up a wine by enhancing aromas and flavors, but leave a bottle open for too long and it will turn. “You start to get these vinegar notes, and it essentially spoils the wine,” said Dickson.

Heat has a more scientific effect, completely changing the molecular makeup of the wine. “Cooked wines — wines that are exposed to heat — have a very harsh taste,” Dickson said.

Light is an enemy for those looking to store wines over the long term, he added: “It’ll give you very sulfuric or cabbage notes if something has been exposed to light for a very long time.


The general rule is cool, dark places, free from temperature swings, like a guest bedroom closet. “It doesn’t have to be the most perfect place,” Dickson said. “The idea is making the best choice you can with the space you have.” Lay bottles on their side to keep the cork moist and the seal intact in a space that ideally stays around 55 degrees.

Places to avoid? The garage with its drastic temperature changes. The laundry room with its strong detergent aromas. “Anything that omits strong smells or chemical odors — wine likes to be by itself in its own protective environment,” Dickson said. The top of the refrigerator is “one of the worst places to keep it in your house,” he continued. “Not only is heat coming off the back of the fridge, but it’s higher in your house where it’s more likely to be warmer, and there’s a compressor on your refrigerator that every time it kicks on it’s going to vibrate.”


“Most wines you don’t need to lay down for the long term,” Dickson said. So, drink up! If you are looking for wines to age, stick to Old World regions like Italy, Spain and France. “Their winemaking style is made for them to be laid down to slowly develop over time. And it’s not always a price point thing,” he said. “If you’re looking for long term storage, it’s usually higher tannin, larger bodied. Things like that tend to age longer, which gives you that ability to keep it in your cellar compared to a wine that’s a younger, brighter, lighter style.”



Leah Zara and her fiancé turned an existing closet in their Southold home into this insane wine storage space using different-sized racks from Wine Cellar Innovations, a DIY wine storage manufacturer. “It took some trial and error to get to the configuration that would fit correctly and also give us the right mix of different sizes and types of racks, but it ultimately turned out exactly how we were envisioning,” she said. The space holds about 650 bottles with areas for many different-sized bottles. “This allows us to be free and creative with our collecting — which was the ultimate goal when building the cellar.”


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