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Las Vegas Review JournalLas Vegas Review Journal - Home and Garden - February 16, 2019
Today's home wine cellars embrace modern design trends »

Forbes 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Forbes November 28, 2018
2018 Holiday Gift Guide »

Miami Herald February 8, 2018
Spacious upgraded dwelling in heart of Weston. »

The Hunt May 25, 2016
Downingtown’s Don Cochran has helped design many wine cellars across the Brandywine Valley. »

Miami Herald July 2, 2016
Incorporating wine storage can add to homes and condos »

Miami Herald II
Creative wine storage can enhance decor »

Elle Decor
Every oenophile has indulged in the fantasy of building a unique wine paradise, either a classic earth-cooled grotto or a high-tech, climate-controlled hideaway where beloved bottles can be stored and savored. The Most Beautiful Wine Cellars in the World, a new book of handsome color photographs, gathers both private and public vaults, many created by virtuoso interior designers. »

AJC Home Finder Atlanta
Local cellars range from baronial 10000-bottle cellars designed by Wine Cellar Innovations to a relatively, modest 250-square-foot wine cellar in a Buckhead ... »

Home Lighting & Accessories Feb2012
Raise a glass to lighting for the home wine cellar. As more oenophiles amass large collections, they are looking for the best ways to store and showcase these prized possessions. »

Alabama Magazine Jan-Feb 2012
Aged to Perfection “Wine is bottled poetry,” wrote novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. He understood that drinking wine is a romantic, sensual experience. Just imagine popping of the cork of a dusty bottle and easing back into your seat. Everything else begins to fade as you slowly savor each sip. »

North Jersey Homes
The odd-shaped crevices found throughout your older home's basement may appear to be wasted space. According to local contractors and designers, though, all you need are some shelves, a door and an idea. That quirky alcove can become a desirable destination for anything you wish to store. »

WNKU Radio Interview May 5, 2011
WNKU Radio Interview with Wine Cellar Innovations »

Miami Herald
Wine Rooms: Many options available for wine storage at home »

Robb Report Collections Magazine - Feb 2011
Cellars Market: The only thing more fun than amassing a wine collection is showing it off. »

Milwaukee Lifestyle Magazine - Dec 2010
Stellar cellars: Don't let budget or space limit your dreams of a wine room »

Food & Drink - Fall 2010
a Touch of Elegance. Cincinnati's Wine Cellar Innovations is responsible for producing some of the world's most beautiful and celebrated wine cellars. By Kathryn Jones »

Celebrated Living
Two years ago, while consulting on the building of a 15,000-square-foot French-style château for a golf-course developer and his wife, interior designer Leo Dowell of Leo Dowell Interiors ( proposed a somewhat unconventional idea for housing the homeowner’s impressive wine collection. »

Kentucky Home & Gardens Sep/Oct 2010
For centuries wine cellars have been essential for connoisseurs and serious collectors of fine wine around the world, but today they have also become a favorite among savvy homeowners throughout the Bluegrass state. At a basic level, wine cellars not only supply adequate storage for avid collectors of drinkable wine, but they also provide a place to properly store wine that is en primeur, or not yet ready to drink, which is generally a better investment. »

Management Today Summer 2010
For avid wine enthusiasts, nothing is more satisfying than coming home to a well-stocked cellar full of the world's finest bottles of cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, chianti and merlot. Ideally, the area in which these personal treasures are stored should be as sumptuous and sophisticated as the wine taster's palate. »

St. Louis County Living June/July 2008
More St. Louisians are now enjoying fine wines-collecting, sampling, and sharing with friends and family. And, once a new favorite is found, more are buying by the case or several bottles at a time. Soon, this collection starts being stashed in closets and corners until it becomes a storage problem. »

ACHR News, August 27, 2007
The popularity of wine continues to grow as is evident by the wide varieties, the greater availability, and the increasing number of arguments over what constitutes a really fine wine. At the same time, the storage of wine is not the simple process of sticking the bottles in a cool basement until it is time to uncork one. »

Lake Magazine - June, 2006
According to the National Association of Home Builders, a wine cellar is currently one of the hottest trends in home building. A consensus among real estate professionals is that buyers of luxury homes consider wine storage not just a amenity but an essential feature. - Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc. »

This Old House, May 2005
Bursting with great ideas and expert tips and advice, This Old House magazine helps you uncover the full potential of your old or new home. Each issue is filled with the right combination of information and inspiration. See how Wine Cellar Innovations' expert advise and products were featured in the Carlisle Project in May 2005. »

Housing Zone - March 11, 2004
Wine Cellar Innovations (WCI) has been manufacturing custom wine cellars since 1984 and here are some things they say need to be considered when planning a wine cellar. - Reed Business Information »

Ventanas Del Valle - Spring 2004
I used to think that having a wine cellar in your home was just a segment on Robin Leach's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" or perhaps part of a chateau in Tuscany or along the French Riviera. Maybe a wine cellar was part of a Saudi Prince's pantry. Not so anymore. We have photographed several homes over the course of the last year with wine cellars. The advent of personal wine cellars goes hand in hand with the renaissance in the production of fine wines in the United States and particularly in the Napa and Sonoma valleys of Northern California. - Mountain Dreams Publishing »

Custom Home - April 2003
Wine Cellar Innovations stocks and custom-builds redwood, mahogany, and pine racking systems in many configurations: individual, corner, bulk, and display. Tasting centers and decorative accents, including wall murals, stained glass, tile and frescoes are available as well. The company also custom-designs whole wine cellars, including refrigeration systems, and will install them anywhere in the country. - A Hanley Wood Publication »

Custom Woodworking Business - April 2003
Like Many other woodworking companies, Wine Cellar Innovations’ headquarters has a large supply of lumber, components and woodworking machinery, both old and new. Unlike other businesses, however, it also holds a painters studio, a glass worker’s studio, a machine shop, a refrigeration shop and, naturally, thousands of bottles of wine. - Vance Publishing Corporation, by Sam Gadziak »

Wine Spectator, M. Shanken Communications, Inc.
In the last seven years, obstetrician & gynecologist Frank Komoroski has amassed a 14,000-bottle collection of stellar wine. The building he houses it in, an abandoned former bank in the center of his small town, dates back to the 1860’s and had to be completely gutted and renovated at a cost of $350,000. The building itself cost only $40,000. »

Private Air
In 1876, Beringer Vineyards of St. Helena, California, carved out hillside caverns to ensconce its bottlings. It's probably one wine lover in a million who can create such a space on his own property; fortunately, for the rest of us, other storage options exist in the form of wine cellars, libraries, and enclaves. »

Business Week - December 17, 2001
"Business Week Magazine recently did a feature article on my wine cellar in their lifestyles section. I take great pride in my wine collection and my wine cellars. I have purchased 3 wine cellars with your company thus far and with each new cellar I continue to be more impressed with the quality of your products and services. I will continue to recommend your company to all of my friends. Thank you for a job well done." »

Clem Labine's Period Homes
Our love affair with the grape has meant that wine cellars, once the province of the wealthy few with space to spare, are becoming a more-common feature in new homes. So what are the options for the budding oenophile with a traditional or period home? Here we cover the basics of cellar design and wine storage and look at some examples of the work of leaders in the field. - by Michael Carey »