Wine Cellar Innovations' Refrigerant Goes Green

Wine Cellar Innovations’ Refrigerant Goes “Green”

green-list-logo.jpgCincinnati - January 12, 2010 - In an ongoing effort to offer customers green options for wine storage, Wine Cellar Innovations’ Winezone cooling units now run on R-422B refrigerant. Approximately 2-5% more efficient than R-22 refrigerant, R-422B is ASHRAE designated and safety classified A1. It is non-ozone depleting and has a low global warming impact.

R-422B is compatible with all standard refrigerant oils, so no oil change is necessary. Additionally, it does not require special metering devices or filter driers. Its operating characteristics are similar to R-22, which enables units to experience similar operating temperatures and pressures over a broad range while having less environmental impact. Stocked at distributors nationwide, R-422B refrigerant has low discharge temperatures conducive to long compressor life.  

Winezone cooling systems also feature the flexibility to run on two other alternate refrigerants, R-427A and R-438A. When using either of these two refrigerants, it is necessary to switch to POE oil instead of mineral oil, which is used with R-422B.

Wine Cellar Innovations strives to offer customers environmentally friendly options for all elements of wine cellars and wine storage. The use of R-422B refrigerant complements other green options, including bamboo and cork floors, recycled glass artwork, and a paperless wine cellar design process.  

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