Red Oak Wine Rack Kits

redoak-stain-pr.jpg.jpgCINCINNATI—Feb. 7, 2007—Wine Cellar Innovations continues to expand the available options in its most popular wine rack kit series by adding Dark Walnut and Midnight Black stain options to the Designer Kit Series. After experiencing a strong positive response to the Classic Mahogany stain option on the original redwood wine rack kits, Wine Cellar
Innovations decided to offer these additional stain options, formerly only available on custom wine storage products.

All wine rack kits in the Designer Kit Series are now available with any of the three stains, as well as the traditional unstained option. The unstained redwood is a mixture of blond and reddish streak. These streaks can range from pale pink to purple. The addition of any of the stains allows customers to more closely match wood or furniture in their home and achieve more of a custom look with a standardized product.

For a reddish-brown look, customers can choose Classic Mahogany stain. Dark Walnut stain is a deep matte brown and gives a cellar the “old-world” feel that so many collectors enjoy. Midnight Black stain gives a wine cellar a modern twist and provides a unique look that is increasingly popular.

Construction, dimensions, and assembly of the Designer Kit Series wine racks remain the same. Customers can specify the stain of their choice when placing their order, as well as request complimentary samples of stain options on wood. Prices vary based on the stain choice. All stains are water-based and non-aromatic- perfect for wine cellars! For more information on these exciting stain options and Wine Cellar Innovations’ additional products, visit their website at or call 800.229.9813. Photos available upon request.

About Wine Cellar Innovations
Wine Cellar Innovations is the industry leader in the design and production of custom wine racks and wine cellars, and has been for over 20 years. The company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs sales representatives all over the country to provide customers with local service and exceptional quality. Their wine racks and wine storage solutions have been purchased and installed worldwide.