Tumbled Stone Wall Art Murals

TA_CabernetSauvignon-pr.jpgCINCINNATI—Feb. 7, 2007-Wine Cellar Innovations continues to expand its wine cellar art collection, allowing customers an ever-increasing number of options to personalize their wine cellars.

Tumbled stone art is available for wall art or tabletops. Customers have the option to choose a stock image that fits their wine cellar decor or create a custom scene that perfectly reflects their individual taste. Images can be transferred from photos, postcards, fabric, and even wallpaper onto the stones. Additional fees apply for custom creations. These pieces can be sized to fit different spaces for each application. Tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors, and edging options. They may or may not be grouted. For use in a tabletop application, Wine Cellar Innovations recommends an optional topcoat, which can be quoted with the stones.

Variations of shade and color occur naturally in these stone masterpieces, adding to the originality and uniqueness of each piece. Natural veins and holes may also occur in the stones. Each mural will have variations throughout the design, and may not be an exact duplicate of the sample images offered by Wine Cellar Innovations.

For more information on this exciting new cellar art option and Wine Cellar Innovations' additional products, visit their website at www.winecellarinnovations.com or call 800.229.9813. Photos and samples are available upon request.

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